CEREAL magazine Giveaway.

To kick off this nice looking Saturday (even though it’s a cold one) I have the very first giveaway on the blog! Everybody say ‘YAAAAAY!’!


Last week my very first CEREAL magazine arrived and I instantly fell in love. And I’m gonna dare and say that it  felt nicer than Kinfolk (I still love kinfolk!). Yeah, it’s *that* good.

This quarterly publication is something between a very nice book and an amazing magazine, featuring food and places to visit, as well as interesting people. The overall design of the magazine is very clean and simple, remind one of the northern european style that makes us all forget about the cold and wanting to move there.

This is CEREAL’s volume two and it takes us on a journey through the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the wonders of the Long Pepper and the flavours of the fiery red paste of Gochujang amongst other things. The writing is beautiful and follows the style of the magazine, sticking to a simple and very eloquoent speech, side by side with absolutely gorgeous examples of the most fine photography.


I love it so damn much that I think one of you guys deserve to feel the same love.


Welcome to the CEREAL magazine giveaway!

For a chance to win a copy of CEREAL magazine VOL. 2 you will need to: 

* SUBSCRIBE to the blog through the FOLLOW link on the right bottom of the page;

* leave a COMMENT on this post saying why you would love to have this volume of CEREAL;
The give away will close on Thursday the 2nd of May at 10PM (GMT) and a randomly selected winner will be announced on Friday the 3rd of May.


Good luck every one! And comment comment comment!


PS — the dog is not part of the giveaway!

PS2 — to enter the giveaway all you need to do is subscribe to the blog and comment on this post, you do not need to follow me on instagram or pinterest. But you’re more than welcome to!

  • I deserve to win because I love cereal(s) and I make bad jokes! 🙂

    Ira from ‘Porto

  • Jackson

    I got this info from your Instagram and I seriously love your work. I hope I got this magazine and be inspired. God bless you xx

  • Hey there,

    I am easily captivated by breathtaking photos, the prospect of food and the dream of travelling. I believe that the enjoyment of food and travel are two important elements of a good life. CEREAL comprises everything I would love to read in a magazine, not to mention, it would be the best birthday gift I could ever receive. Thus, I hope to be able to win the CEREAL magazine, making it my morning essential read.


  • Hi Akane,

    I hope to win the second volume of Cereal Magazine because I am always inspired by simplistic photos. The articles in the magazine are inspiring, sometimes motivating and always beautiful. It’s an awesome read for relaxation. I am interested in photography and Cereal Magazine allows me to create ideas. It would be great to have this magazine as I would love to create little adventures/encounters of my own. Thank you so much.

  • Sarah Amirah

    “I love it so damn much that I think one of you guys deserve to feel the same love.”

    Let me continue this legacy, let me take away that burden from you don’t want you to think too much, Let me read and fall in love with what you have got and Let me passed it on the same love you pass to me to someone else out there.

    Thank you and to the love of Infinite Dreams too. x

  • I would love to win a copy of CEREAL because one day I’d like to design a magazine and I adore to be inspired 🙂

  • Hey!!

    I’d really like to win your copy of Cereal Magazine because i’ve only recently been introduced into the world of photography and beautiful places around the world. Winning your copy of Cereal Magazine would mean a lot to me because it seems like a fantastic magazine to read and enjoy and this would be great because in Australia they don’t sell Cereal Magazine, unfortunately :(( + I’m not allowed to purchase it because my parents wouldn’t let me because of the shipping cost. I have recently bought Yen and Frankie Magazine (both Australian magazines) and fell in love with them. I would love to try out Cereal Magazine and am curious about it from your positive comments on it. Thanks for reading this and I really hope i win!!!!

  • I would LOVE a copy of CEREAL magazine because everyone needs a little inspiration in their lives 🙂

  • a

    because I love kinfolk, and you made me curious.

  • Aiiii quero esta revistinha para mim 🙂

    Ora bem, devo ganhar como qualquer outra pessoa irá merecer ganhar. Simplesmente gosto de cultura visual, mas acima de tudo gosto de boas leituras. A Cereal é uma das melhores leituras 🙂

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  • Dear Akane,

    What can I say? I love independent publishing that strive by their quality and I’m a sucker for projects that have gorgeous photography matched by great prose. That’s seems to be the case of CEREAL’s magazine.

    Never saw/read an issue and would gladly start with this one. Wish me luck. 🙂

    Yours truly,

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  • hi, it’s me! 🙂

    subscribed through the follow-link (still awaiting the confirmation e-mail, though).

    well, i loooooove kinfolk, but when i hear you say this is even better… i mean… no seriously, i read about this magazine before and it’s on my wish list, yet i’m facing two problems:
    – it is sold out online
    – it is not available in Belgium

    fingers crossed this one will find its way to Belgium!

    enjoy your Monday! 🙂

  • Bem, eu acho que deveria ganhar porque sei que irei amá-la tanto quanto à Kinfolk. A última edição da Kinfolk serviu-me de inspiração para uma sessão fotográfica que resultou perfeitinha. E sei que a Cereal irá provocar o mesmo em mim. Milhões de inspiração, de vontade de fotografar, mas acima de tudo, de aproveitar os dias fora de quarto paredes. Acho que iria ficar em óptimas mãos – modéstia à parte. 🙂 *

  • Rita Bravo

    Olá akane kinomoto!
    Bem sempre adorei Kinfolk, além de ser uma fonte de inspiração é um exemplo de qualidade gráfica e fotográfica. Devia ganhar esta edição pois além de me inspirar e me ajudar nos meus trabalhos, sou viciada neste este tipo de revistas. Adoro as páginas, o cheiro do papel, tudo. 🙂

  • Fariha

    Would love to win a copy of such a beautifully photographed and put together magazine!

  • Can you really send it all the way to Japan? Anyways, the magazine seems interesting and would love to read it. Good luck to everyone!

  • I would love to have this volume of CEREAL, because i believe that life is better with INSPIRATION.

  • Well i do not deserve it 🙂 but was looking for a couple. One is an architect, the other a chef 🙂

    That would be a nice gift 🙂

  • Jen

    Hi Akane good to see you here on your blog! 🙂 your blog is as gorgeous as your IG. I would love to win the cereal mag! Such a beautiful magazine and a wonderful inspiration! Take care -Jen @ballonrouge

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  • Kara Elizabeth

    I would LOVE to win Cereal magazine! I’m an aspiring photographer, writer, and such a foodie. This mag would be right up my alley. Cereal looks simply lovely; I would be so excited if I won! Thanks for the opportunity! (And great photos on this post!)