Edit: apparently a few of my initial sentences magically disappeared from the post. They were definitely there when I previewed it! Aah…I need to remind myself to breathe. More.
Obviously I was talking about how it’s been a little hard to be at home without the computer.

Being limited sometimes brings about good things, though! I’m drawing more and having more ideas, which is great! Now if only I had a computer to make them a reality… Anyway, I’m bringing to life the very lost and forgotten Wrap Up category. But I’m changing it slightly. I need to find a name for it, which I don’t have at the moment – just because I have ideas, doesn’t mean I have solutions for everything okay? But since I’m currently weaving a new, more user friendly, blog design, I’m not gonna bother with names.

So let’s just get down to it.

Let’s call it interesting things I found around the web.

This fabulous apartment in Malmö, from My Scandinavian Home. // image from My Scandinavian Home.


This insane but beautiful thing, from Tuula, swimming with stingrays. // image from Tuula.

And the new ikea catalogue!

It was a pain to write this ten minute post on the mobile web version for WordPress…sigh. Again.

  • Loving that Swedish apt. Swedes certainly know how to decorate an apt!

    • Oh yes! They’re the best! Thank you for your comment! =)

  • As casas escandinavas dão cabo de mim! Todos os apartamentos desse site dão cabo de mim….!

    • E de mim…! Eles são tão tão bons…! Aaaaaiinn

  • Que prazer vir a conhecer o teu blogue 🙂
    Eu vi as imagens da Tuula outro dia e fiquei super impressionada! Essas stingrays ate que sao friendly porque andamos a brincar com umas no zoo aqui. E claro, estilo escandinavo e” impressionante!
    Bjs e obrigada pelos comentarios. Boa sorte para ti e boas viagens! (Estas no Japao?)

    • Muito obrigada pelo comentário! Sou super fã da tuas fotos! =D não, infelizmente não estou no Japão. Mas é um país que gosto muito muito muito. Bjs!

  • Os suecos deixam-me maluca com as casas, é raro não gostar de alguma que se vê, têm um bom gosto impressionante!

  • That apartment is stunning. Then again, Swedes know what do when it comes to decorating apartments and houses. 🙂

  • Ahhhhh tinha saudades desta rubrica!!!!