When I was a little girl, like all other little girls, I loved love stories. The prettiest ones where the best, where the prince charming would save the princess and protect her from all harm, and they would stay forever and ever in love, inside their pretty happy ending. 

I grew up to find prince charmings extremely boring, and the princesses in distress? Ugh, even worse. There was no need to save me from anything nor protect me, since I was perfectly capable of doing it by myself. But the wish of a love story was still very present. 

Turns out no story, movie, book/manga, prepares you for the amount of work a real relationship entails. There are tears and heartbreaks and misunderstandings and vulnerability and uncertainty… but there’s also growth and change and forgiveness and real, unconditional love. 

Fourteen years ago, around this time, we were getting ready to meet each other alone for our first date, where we’d walk hand in hand for the first time and share our first kiss. Right now we share a place that we call home, a life, so many stories and so many memories and so many smiles… and a near two year old baby. Things could have gone so differently. They didn’t.

And I couldn’t be happier. And I can’t wait for what’s to come, because I know I’m with You, and we are going to be there for each other no matter what. And no, I didn’t get a love story like in the movies…  I’ve got my own, Our Love story. 

Happy Anniversary!

Dear Ronda,

On March’13, I wrote about you here. I admired the fact that you and Carmouche upheld the main even inside the octagon. I loved you that very brief moment…then it was gone. Your attitude inside the ring shocked me. No humbleness, no gracefulness. I could only see a mean bratty girl trying very hard to prove she was the best at…well, something. Because I can’t see you as being the best at MMA, despite your record. You were, for me, a one trick pony. I looked forward to watching you fight, not because I wanted to see the other girl win, but because I wanted to see you lose. And lose bad. Which was what happened with Holly Holm. I was ecstatic!

And now you lose again. This time, I was half-expecting you to win. I hoped Holm had knocked some sense into you and gave you a piece of humble pie. Turns out you weren’t knocked hard enough. You lost and again, lost bad, and again, nothing. What’s with the bratty attitude, man? You lost. What was it that you refused to learn throughout life? Congratulate your opponent and be a good sport — you’d never lose if you did it, you know? Now I just kind of feel sorry for you… which is sad.

Dear Ronda, man up.

And have a happy new year.

a stuffed nose.

day49, sept18th 

It’s been a little bit hellish around here lately. Every time I stay “home alone” something happens. This time, not only am I having a hell of a week at work, baby L has got a stuffed nose. Trouble with little ones is that they don’t tell you if something else is wrong, so we just kind of guess it’s just a stuffed nose. Because she wasn’t able to breath properly during the night, she slept for periods of 20/15 minutes and would wake up in a panic, so essentially I did not sleep at all last night. 

Hopefully she has a better night of sleep tonight and gets better.

day50, sept19th – nearly midnight, trying to calm a very tired and very sicklish baby…

day51, sept20th – preparing breakfast. I know it doesn’t look like breakfast…but it is. 

Hopefully you’re having a great week. 


Days (cont)

day48, sept17

I should really upload these everyday to avoid these bulky posts. 

Anyway, I got it wrong the other post, this is the photo from sept.5th: 

Which means the last one I had on that post was not September 10th but September 11th. 

day43, sept12

day44, sept13

day45, sept14

day46, sept15

day47, sept16

So tired. 

Have a great Sunday! 

Days (cont)

day30, aug30

Days in school, teaching and whatnot, have begun. Full-throttle. And of course this (as in the blog) has suffered already. I swear I am trying to change that, but it’s just not easy. It was only a week but it felt like a full whole month, seriously. In the beginning it’s always chaotic, and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. And I know that! And I know I should take it easy, but I don’t. I always try to do more and step a little bit further…it almost always comes back to bite me in the a$$. 

Anyway, here are the last few days’ 365days. 

day31, aug31 

day32, sep1 – oats and chia pudding, and fruit. 

day33, sep2 – plants all over. 

day34, sep3 

day35, sep4 

day36, sep5 

day37, sep6

day38, sep7

day39, sep8

day40, sep9

day41, sep10

Enjoy the week. 

Day 029.

Aug29th, day029 -the only good thing about getting up early: golden hour.

I barely had any sleep last night. It’s always like that for me the first day back at school. 

But I started with a bang! I worked out for half an hour, while the sun was coming up, and I had a decent breakfast. I consider that a good start, therefore, a bang. 

It was a busy day. But a good one. 

Hope you all had a nice Monday, and have and even greater Tuesday. 

Edit-I just want to thanks WordPress for the lovely html lessons I have to go through every time I write a post using the app. Everyday I get faster at finding what’s wrong and fixing it! Pretty soon I’ll be an expert! 😉

Days 027 & 028.

aug27th, day027 – that bonsai over there is called Carminho. I’m plant-sitting.

I’ve been enjoying the stories thing on Instagram. 

But I’m not enjoying the fact that tomorrow I’ll be up at stupid-o’clock.  

aug28th, day028 – brunch at home. Always a win. 

And let the games begin. Have a great week. 

Photos for days.

Yesterday was my last Friday being on holidays.

It was good while it lasted. No, let me rephrase that, it was GREAT while it lasted.

In two months I went to NYC, I hit the beach every morning for two weeks, I chilled with the fam down South by the pool, and spent a few days in Sevilla (a trip just for two, this time – the first time!). So I can’t complain. Even though I do complain. Who can blame me? No one wants to go back to work after some time on holidays! Well, I certainly have some difficulty imagining, coming Monday, getting up at 6am. Ugh. 

Anyway…! Today stories on Instagram was released and I got completely addicted to it. Me. The one who downloaded snapchat thrice without really knowing how to properly work with that thing. I’m in love now. Let’s see how long this lasts. Did they really have to release this right before I get back to work?! I mean, what am I gonna post about now? Me going to school and me coming back home?? (most probably) The Stories I could’ve done while being in NYC! Or at the beach! Or anywhere…! Seriously Instagram… 

Anyway, here are the photos of the new 365days I’m trying to do (it’s my nth time, I know). 

aug12, day12
aug13, day013
aug14, day014
aug15, day015
aug16, day016
aug17, day017

aug18, day018

aug19, day019aug20, day020

aug21, day021

aug22, day022

aug23, day023

aug24, day024

aug25, day025

aug26, day026

I’ll be back soon for more photos of NYC and Sevilla, and a review on the newest Harry Potter book. 

Have a great time and check out my Instagram!…for stories. 


day 008 day 009 day 010 day 011

I haven’t had the chance (or the right frame of mind if I’m honest) to pick up Harry Potter’s new book. Not that it’s a new book per se…  But it’s still a new story within the HP world, so of course I can’t wait to read it! But at the same time, I kind of want to savour it for a little while… You know what I mean?