To the hot springs.

On our second day in Azores we continued to drive around the little island, and visited a bunch of different places. At the Furnas we were immersed in the humid, hot and sulphur smelling springs, that could be spotted all over the place.  
Due to volcanic activity there are tons of places with hot water baths, and we wanted to have a try at that. We had a bath at Poça da Dona Beija, for which I don’t have any pictures of, but it was so so relaxing. There are a number of different small pools of hot water (some were around 40ºC!), and despite being a bit crowded, it was nice to just sit in the warm water and relax, and Leo enjoyed it too!

After the warm bath we went to Terra Nostra’s gardens. We just took a little peek, because it started raining, so we ended up having lunch at the restaurant of the hotel, which was one of the best decisions we made over there. Everything was so delicious!

The idea was to try the famous “Pot-au-feu” from Furnas’s Hot Springs, which is a mix of meat and vegetables that are boiled in the hot waters of the Furnas. It’s going to cook very slowly, and that is the secret for such a delicious meal. We, however, presented with so many other delicious options, ended up choosing something else. I had the black risotto with squid on top, while K had the fried forkbeard fillets with veggies, and we did not regret it.

While driving we could spot a lot of places for sight-seeing, and we’d eventually stop and just wander around.

Today is going to be a very long and busy day. But also very exciting. Please take a look at my stories on instagram!

Have fun!

Days (cont)

day30, aug30

Days in school, teaching and whatnot, have begun. Full-throttle. And of course this (as in the blog) has suffered already. I swear I am trying to change that, but it’s just not easy. It was only a week but it felt like a full whole month, seriously. In the beginning it’s always chaotic, and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. And I know that! And I know I should take it easy, but I don’t. I always try to do more and step a little bit further…it almost always comes back to bite me in the a$$. 

Anyway, here are the last few days’ 365days. 

day31, aug31 

day32, sep1 – oats and chia pudding, and fruit. 

day33, sep2 – plants all over. 

day34, sep3 

day35, sep4 

day36, sep5 

day37, sep6

day38, sep7

day39, sep8

day40, sep9

day41, sep10

Enjoy the week. 

NYC from the lens.

I’ve been around here for a while now, and it’s amazing the amount of people who come and go from this world. Then there are the ones who stay and we still keep contact, and the ones who go and never come back, and the ones who go and come back after a while. That’s the case with this girl. I’ve been in love with her photos for such a loooooong time, and her blog was one of the first I really started following.

I’ve been following her for so so so long that I don’t even know for how long, but she’s amazing. She’s the kind of girl who, despite all struggles, always has a smile on her face. If that alone wasn’t enough, she takes awesome photos. I’ve been in love with her photos for such a long time now. I love her candid style and how she manages to capture so many emotions in every pic. She’s one of the young photographers/bloggers out there who really inspires me. She inspires me to smile everyday and to live life to the fullest, while taking photos. She’s amazing. She has moved to Copenhagen with her husband and pug, and her new blog is precisely about that. CPHbound is her new place. I found out she moved to Copenhagen not long ago, and got a little sad, because we were booked for a trip to Copenhagen this summer, but opted for New York instead. Oh well… One day.

Make sure you take a look at her blog, even if you have to use the translation feature.

Also here are some pics from NYC.

DSC08288 DSC08289 DSC08290 DSC08293 DSC08296 DSC08298 DSC08300 DSC08302 DSC08303 DSC08304 DSC08306 DSC08310 DSC08311 DSC08312

Have a great day!

31st of December, 2015. 

Today is the last day of the year 2015. And what a year!

• A year ago I was nearly 5 months pregnant with a barely noticeable belly. 

• I had my 30th birthday as just a girl.

• I couldn’t be more excited to go on a week trip to NYC. 

• Had complications with the pregnancy due to stress, had to stay at home and no NYC trip for me – those were dark times. 

• Got back to work knowing I had to keep my cool and work with boundaries – not easy. 

• Went home 3 weeks earlier to rest due to low baby weight. 

• On June 13th my life changed forever – Baby L was born with enough weight not to stay in the ICU. 

• The next few months were a roller coaster of emotions. 

• In October I ran my first official 10k with Keoshi by my side (or a few minutes ahead). 

• In November I went back to work – it’s hard to go back after being gone nearly 6 months.

• First Christmas with Baby L was wonderful. 

• On Dec. 26th I made back on a plane again, after not traveling for more than a year. 

And now we’re having a wonderful time in Berlin these last days of the year.   

Day 148/365Dec 28, 2015 – sugary breakfast. 

I missed Dunkin’ Donuts. Now I don’t. 

We’ve been strolling around town and enjoying the views, while indulging in some really good food. 

It’s been getting colder and colder though. 


Day 149/365Dec 29th, 2015 – beautiful Berlin.

Tacheles has closed. I’m glad we were there the first time we were here. It’s a shame they closed it up. 

Last time we were here we found a Japanese ramen place, Cocolo Ramen, that was the real deal, so we tried to go again, it was closed however, for the holidays. But we found another place! Makoto Ramen. The meat wasn’t as tender as it should be but it was still very very nice. 

And while seeking another good place to eat, we ended up in another Japanese place, surprisingly. When we got in there was a certain Harajuku/Omotesando vibe. Easy going and effortlessly beautiful. And the minute we exchanged a few words with the waiters we knew we were at a Japanese place, the House of Small Wonder (we should’ve noticed that its name is giving it away).

Croque Madame.

We ordered three dishes: croque madame for me, that was simply to die for, soboro don, and okinawan taco rice. Delicious. We also had hot apple cider with rum that was marvelous. So good that I’m sure is the cure for many winter ailments.


Matcha latte.


Okinawan taco rice


Day 150/365Dec 30th, 2015 – House of small wonder(s) indeed.

Soboro don

Everything’s delicious there, and we felt we were back in Japan, so it doesn’t get better than that. 

And just like that we reach the end of another year. I wish you all a wonderful New Year’s Eve and and an amazing 2016. 

Much love to you all! 

A bunch of days/365

Turns out that having a baby and working at the same time is tough. Who would’ve guessed?! 

When I got home after work on Wednesday I wanted nothing more than to lay down for a bit with my baby and relax for a bit. Everything was going great until Baby L didn’t fall asleep before 1 am. 

Let’s hope this changes a bit during the next days. 


Day 91/365Nov 2nd 2015 – finally the iPhone is back. Apple sent me a new iPhone, or so they say. It came in a bubble wrap only, so I have no idea if it’s new or not. It’s definitely not the one I had before though… All this had me extremely disappointed with Apple.


Day 92/365Nov 3rd 2015 – gift from a sweet friend to Baby L. It came from Japan and it’s Baby L’s Japanese astrology sign, the sheep (hitsuji)! 


Day 93/365Nov 4th 2015 – burgers for dinner. 

Day 94/365Nov 5th 2015 – ups, I didn’t take a photo. The only photo of this day on my phone is a screenshot of a complaint I filed to the police about a neighbor mistreating his dog. Everyday I listen to that poor dog getting beaten up, so I had to do it, unfortunately…

 Day 95/365Nov 6th 2015 – candy from Japan! A small thing that made me so happy. I still need to write a proper post about this day, though.


Day 96/365 Nov 7th 2015 – there’s pie in the oven.   

Day 97/365 Nov 8th 2015 – walk around Lisbon. The weather was pretty great so we decided to go out and enjoy it. Baby L was a tiny bit fussy which would make Akira get a bit nervous, but everything turned out okay.

Have a great week! 

Day 37/365

Since the Grandparents were here for the weekend we had the chance to go out to a small music festival here in Lisbon. It was nice to go out for something like that! I almost forgot what it was like.

We listened to Jazzanova and Todd Terje (you can still see some videos of mine on Periscope and Beme) and I drank apple cider and ate a delicious ice cream. The event was nice and there was nice food also, and the whole open air space was very very nice. One could see families with their kids even. 

The only trouble was I was completely exhausted when I got home… And we got home at 10 pm. Maybe I’m getting old? Or maybe I’m just not used to it anymore? What matters is that we had some fun and listened to really nice music. 

Day 37/365 – ice cream. 

Have a nice Monday! 

Day 22/365


First slip! I swear I didn’t forget, but I ran out of battery on my iPhone and I fell asleep before it turn back on. Oh well. 

I’m writing this one while roing around the flat, swaying from side to side when I stop, with a very sleepy baby on my arm, who immediately wakes up if I sit down. 

Yesterday was a fun day. We went out to eat lunch, got Pastéis de Belém, came back home went out again for pizza, and came back to have dinner with the grandparents, while watching funny videos on YouTube. 

It was indeed a fun day! 

Day 22/365 – sweet treats for breakfast. 


Have a great Sunday! 


Chipirones and a Baby.

It is quite daunting to go out with a baby for the first time to a restaurant. Even getting around with the stroller can be a challenge. But we did it! We went out, even managed to change a diaper in the car – babies have a tendency to poop or pee when they are being changed, so I kept trying to protect the car seats, while K changed her. We also had to bring a mosquito net to protect her in the stroller, because mosquitoes around here are disgusting and terrible… But we did it!

We managed to eat a nice fried fish meal in Ayamonte, Spain – chipirones (squid) are so yummy! – and the baby slept the entire time!

Day 5/365

Hope you had an awesome day!