Vscocam app review

This post has been written for a while now — I finished the 12th of June but I wanted to proof read it and change a few things, but on the 13th I had to rush to the hospital, so this kind of fell behind. I now had a minute in between breastfeeding and taking a shower and I finally came around to finish this. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading “Vscocam app review”


It feels like I’ve been neglecting this space. Well, I kinda have, in a way. First term at school is always crazy, being a mix of meetings, unexpected planning, new contents, new students, new rules and back bending teaching. The first week of teaching felt like a whole freaking month. Everything was so fast paced that it kind of got mashed up together in a short period of time.

Excuses, excuses… the fact is that I haven’t even had the time to upload more pictures from Japan. And my instagram has been quite a bit empty lately…which saddens me. I love that community and I feel rather bad that I’m neglecting everyone there. Well, life happens. Either way, here’s a bit of my instagramin’ for the month of August and the tiny September sample.


[alpine-phototile-for-instagram id=379 user=”akanekinomoto” src=”user_recent” imgl=”instagram” style=”cascade” col=”3″ size=”M” num=”15″ align=”center” max=”100″]

the wrap up no.2

Let’s say welcome to March with the second wrap up!

1. people to look up to

Ronda Rousey — I am a big MMA (mixed martial arts) fan and my heart gave a few flip-flops when last weekend I saw this lady and her opponent and challenger, Liz Carmouche, fight inside the octagon upholding the main event of the evening. This is history, people. This only goes to show that women have the same power as men on any sport. It’s important that the world understands that. And she’s also very cute!

2. places to go

Hard Rock Cafe in Lisbon — I don’t usually like loud music while I’m having dinner but this was a tremendously fun dinner me and Keoshi had on Wednesday. We ordered way too much food to begin with and ended up completely stuffed but we had a blast and the food was absolutely scrumptious! I had a crème brûlée for desert that was to die for, and unfortunately I didn’t take a picture…I was too full to even remember…and a very strong mojito and a huge beer didn’t help the cause. It’s definitely a great place to have some fun while eating great food.

3. geekiness

Sun (web app) — this weather web app is minimalistic, pretty and does the job. Just how I like it.

4. web finds 

windows of new york — absolutely fabulous! Illustrated portraits of New York Windows.

5. eye candy

Follow Me To project — this instagram project by Murad Osmann is fantastic. Even though the style of the photography is not my favorite, the project is very cool.

Casa Agudela — beautifully designed house in (my very pretty) Portugal.


Have a nice friday!


Hello, everyone!

If you follow me on instagram you know by now that I’m visiting the city of light for the holidays!

Paris is a city very near to my heart and my family’s, and I have always loved this city like my own.

This is my third time here and I’ve only been here one day but I’m already loving my time here. We rented a tiny little place just next to Printemps and we will be enjoying this lovely city until next year.

We got here yesterday in the morning, after having slept for 3 hours, and took the train to the center of the city, where we met our lovely hosts who showed us our tiny but very cute apartment and then we headed out for lunch at aki. Aki is a Japanese restaurant where we had been before, and it’s perfect because besides being very Japanese it also serves okonomiyaki, my favorite Japanese food.

So delicious. After that we went to the usual spots, like the Louvre and the champs élysées and for the first time in a long time I set foot in a city that makes me feel like there’s still a Christmas season, so many lights and fun things to see and do…!

I’m loving it so so much… And we’re just getting started.

Expect a lot of photos and posts the next few days!

Enjoy your weekend!

















On Thursday I went with a friend to Castella do Paulo. It’s a tiny place ran by a Japanese lady and her Portuguese husband in Lisbon and it serves the most wonderful food!
I only had desserts and green tea but even these were a little beyond spectacular.

I’ve been wanting to go there for ages, literally, I’ve been wanting to go there for probably 10 years or so, then this friend of mine, a Greek girl who’s in Portugal for less than 6 months just happened to know the place!

I loved it so so much. Castella has a very particular history so you might want to check out their website and read about their wonderful story.

Definitely a place where I’ll go back to.

Have a nice weekend!






instagram new terms of service: take a deepbreath.

Instagram was the first app I ever
downloaded for my iPhone as soon as I got it and it has a been a
source of fun, friendships, inspiration, creativity and just a
little bit of addiction. Well, everything can take a turn,
right? sometimes for the worst! Right. But just take a deep breath.
Yesterday I briefly considered deleting my instagram account in the near future,
after I read a ton of comments and screenshots and a few articles on the web about the new
Terms of Service of Instagram. People
were up in arms! And it’s completely understandable… Like
everyone else, I panicked. Then I wrapped my mind around it and
went to read the ToS myself. Turns out they improved it and not
otherwise! Instagram has always had the right to use our
photos in ads in whichever way they wanted, but now they have
limited that. On the verge they explain it very
clearly: ;

Now you’re only agreeing that
someone else can pay Instagram
to display your photos and other
information only in connection
paid or sponsored content. These phrases have
very specific meanings — Instagram can’t sell your photos to
anyone, for example. It simply doesn’t have

; In fact, go read that article. It explains it
perfectly. I completely understand how people jump into conclusions
about these matters. The language used is complicated and boring
and I really think Instagram should have anticipated this
reaction after all the commotion that happened after Facebook got
involved. They should have promptly explained what was going on
without all the jibber-jabber. They have done so yesterday. No harm
done. I will still keep posting on instagram as always! and here! Aaaaaaannnd on flickr. I’ve been missing flickr for a while now. I even let my pro account expire a few months ago… I think I will go back to flickr on full force after christmas. flickr is not only a great place to see great photos but it is also a great place to store your photos. I’ve got more than 5k photos there that I know won’t go anywhere. And that, for me, is amazing.

Anyway…! Here are a few more shots from Berlin! Enjoy and have a nice wednesday!

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