Day 37/365

Since the Grandparents were here for the weekend we had the chance to go out to a small music festival here in Lisbon. It was nice to go out for something like that! I almost forgot what it was like.

We listened to Jazzanova and Todd Terje (you can still see some videos of mine on Periscope and Beme) and I drank apple cider and ate a delicious ice cream. The event was nice and there was nice food also, and the whole open air space was very very nice. One could see families with their kids even. 

The only trouble was I was completely exhausted when I got home… And we got home at 10 pm. Maybe I’m getting old? Or maybe I’m just not used to it anymore? What matters is that we had some fun and listened to really nice music. 

Day 37/365 – ice cream. 

Have a nice Monday! 

Day 35/365 & 36/365

Ooooh boy, these nights have been tough. Not because of a crying baby but simply because I couldn’t sleep. Terrible… 

So these days have kind of been all jumbled up, even though we had the grandparents in, which allowed us to take a nice walk out and have a nice meal at a restaurant. 

  Day 35/365 – sweeeeets! 
Day 36/365 – bath time! 

Now of to bed. 

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! 

Day 33/365 & 34/365

Yesterday I was writing the 33rd post, at 2-something am, when I ran out of battery on my iPhone. I completely forgot to upload the post during the day. When I did remember it was already night time and I hadn’t even taken the photo for today… So I quickly took a picture and went on with my business, deciding to upload both days together now. 

Crazy day yesterday. All of the sudden Baby L starts crying. Like really crying, which is something she very rarely does. She didn’t want to eat, or cuddles or stay put or wander around, nothing would work. And this went on for a good hour. Then, as sudden as it began, she fell asleep. Completely out of the blue! 

She then woke up for a feed and went right back to sleep for some solid 3 hours. She ended up sleeping great during the night, so I dunno what happened… She was a bit fussy again today, didn’t seem to want to be laying down… But it was better than yesterday. Now let’s see how she does during the night. 

Day 33/365 – Akira begging for croissant.

7.30 pm and we only got this light going on. Autumn is coming… 

Because Baby L sleep for so long I managed to workout at home yesterday, yay! Sometimes it’s even hard to get a run in, let alone a workout… I’ve been wanting to (re)start  the insanity program since Baby L was about a month old, but I was concerned with milk supply. Since I’ve incorporated running in, I haven’t seen any difference in my milk supply, so now I want to reintroduce insanity again. The trouble with insanity is that one loses a load of calories, hence my concern. But I’ve done some research and apparently you only have to eat a lot more to keep everything balanced… Which is a bummer. When I’m at home I rarely eat a whole lot… I’ll have a small breakfast, lunch and dinner. I very very rarely snack in between meals…

When I’m working I have to eat snacks in between meals or my brain is going to melt and come out of my ears – not very good image for the kids to see – but it’s difficult for me to do that at home… But since I want to give it a go at Insanity, I might need to up my calorie intake… 

Let’s see how that goes. 

Day 34/365 – completely rushed photo… Irk.

I couldn’t get any workout done today because Baby L took her famous power naps and well… There’s just no time. I might do something now (12.30 am), just for the kicks… 

And it’s Friday again! Good grief time flies… 

Day 32/365

Today was pretty busy. With the baby and doing stuff around the house, there was little time to do anything… But bath time always gives way for pretty pics. 

Day 32/365 – little bear. 

I need to work on a few posts, by j honestly haven’t had time. Who knew that having a baby would result in having less time?! Totally new to me!… 

I’ll find the time. Just…patience. It’s all we need right now. 

Day 31/365

I can’t believe it’s September already. 

After a whole week, I finally went out on a run. I felt physically tired after last Monday… So I needed to slow down the runs, but today I felt I could do it again, and alas!, I upped my pace and even broke some of my personal records, so I guess the break came in handy. 

Day 30/365

After a terrible night, getting up every two hours, nearly, K whipped up an awesome brunch, featuring delicious crispy bacon and eggs and sweet pancakes. 

We then spent the afternoon watching The Brink (it’s awesome!) and we were off to the beach at the end of the day. 

It was indeed quite nice.  

Day 30/365 – beach time!  


It was a great weekend. Have a great Monday! 

Day 28/365

Bath time was pretty late tonight, in order to relax and calm her down, which means a calm feeding time and sleep right after.

We bought a foldable bathtub from Stokke because it’s pretty small when folded, which means less space, and she’s at a point where we can clearly see she’s going to outgrow the tub pretty soon… But there’s no way we’re buying another one…! 

Our place is completely stuffed with baby things at the moment… And even though we are in the process of getting a new place, which we need, I don’t really want to move out… A lot happened in this house and we decorated it from scratch. It was completely (and when I say completely, I mean it) empty when we moved in, so we had to buy every piece of furniture. By doing that, we built our own little place. And it really saddens me to think Baby L will not remember this place as her first home. 

But there’s still a lot of time left to think about that…so just enjoy this adorable face!

Day 28/365 – bath time! 

Tomorrow’s Saturday which means we’ll have Daddy for ourselves! Yay! 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Day 27/365

There was some uploading issue going on yesterday, so hence why this is yesterday’s post. 

Goodness gracious it’s nearly 3 am. Need to get some sleep now… 

  Day 27/365 – end of the day. I can’t believe we’re nearly at the end of August…   
In any normal circumstances I’d be starting work today (Thursday). I kinda miss it… I’m sure this feeling will go away once I’m back. 

It’s Friday y’all!