Day 029.

Aug29th, day029 -the only good thing about getting up early: golden hour.

I barely had any sleep last night. It’s always like that for me the first day back at school. 

But I started with a bang! I worked out for half an hour, while the sun was coming up, and I had a decent breakfast. I consider that a good start, therefore, a bang. 

It was a busy day. But a good one. 

Hope you all had a nice Monday, and have and even greater Tuesday. 

Edit-I just want to thanks WordPress for the lovely html lessons I have to go through every time I write a post using the app. Everyday I get faster at finding what’s wrong and fixing it! Pretty soon I’ll be an expert! 😉

Days 027 & 028.

aug27th, day027 – that bonsai over there is called Carminho. I’m plant-sitting.

I’ve been enjoying the stories thing on Instagram. 

But I’m not enjoying the fact that tomorrow I’ll be up at stupid-o’clock.  

aug28th, day028 – brunch at home. Always a win. 

And let the games begin. Have a great week. 

Photos for days.

Yesterday was my last Friday being on holidays.

It was good while it lasted. No, let me rephrase that, it was GREAT while it lasted.

In two months I went to NYC, I hit the beach every morning for two weeks, I chilled with the fam down South by the pool, and spent a few days in Sevilla (a trip just for two, this time – the first time!). So I can’t complain. Even though I do complain. Who can blame me? No one wants to go back to work after some time on holidays! Well, I certainly have some difficulty imagining, coming Monday, getting up at 6am. Ugh. 

Anyway…! Today stories on Instagram was released and I got completely addicted to it. Me. The one who downloaded snapchat thrice without really knowing how to properly work with that thing. I’m in love now. Let’s see how long this lasts. Did they really have to release this right before I get back to work?! I mean, what am I gonna post about now? Me going to school and me coming back home?? (most probably) The Stories I could’ve done while being in NYC! Or at the beach! Or anywhere…! Seriously Instagram… 

Anyway, here are the photos of the new 365days I’m trying to do (it’s my nth time, I know). 

aug12, day12
aug13, day013
aug14, day014
aug15, day015
aug16, day016
aug17, day017

aug18, day018

aug19, day019aug20, day020

aug21, day021

aug22, day022

aug23, day023

aug24, day024

aug25, day025

aug26, day026

I’ll be back soon for more photos of NYC and Sevilla, and a review on the newest Harry Potter book. 

Have a great time and check out my Instagram!…for stories. 

Day 11/365

Baby went on a sleep strike again during the whole afternoon. The good thing is that she doesn’t cry, she just wants to stay on our laps. She’s starting to laugh and smile a whole lot, and is responding to us talking with her “ahs” and “uhs”, which is so adorable! 

Day 11/365 – No hablo, but I’m trying to! 

As soon as Baby Leo dove in a nice nap, I walked Akira and went on a very fast 2.5km run. Oh it felt so good! 

Hope you had a great day.

Day 1/365 

yeah, I want to do it again. 

Ages ago I began a 365 days project based solely on self portraits, on flickr. I have to say that I learned a lot while doing that project and have made friendships that last till today. So I am very fond of 365days and every time I go back and take a look, I’m reminded of all that’s happened, and of course all the precious moments spent taking those pictures. 

This is an important and special year for me, so now that I’m a little bit more settled with the baby, and we’re at the peak of summer, beginning a small vacation, I wanted to give it another go  and begin a new 365 project. 

This time it’s not going to be self portraits, but simply a “take a photo a day” kind of thing. Most photos will be taken with the iPhone, not with the camera, so as to make it efficient and fast – or so we’ll see. 

Don’t expect any art project. I want to do this mainly for myself: to keep the creative juices going and to have something to look back to, later on. 

I’ll be very happy if you guys come with me on this very amazing and definitely unexpected journey from now on. Let us all see how long can I take it before I start to crumble! 

Hope you like it! 

This year we obviously couldn’t really step outside of the country. Our main destination nowadays is parenthood. It’s been quite a journey so far. I’m always amazed at how much in love I am with this tiny creature. Everyday I find something new that I fall in love with. It’s an indescribable feeling. 

We’ve been stuck at home this first month and a half because babies are not supposed to go outside for the first month, so after our release (or hers, should I say) we decided to pack our bags and the infinite amount of baby stuff and go to our parents’, back to our hometown. I hadn’t been back there for two months, and it was very weird to be back in my old room, with my baby in my arms. But it’s been wonderful to see my parents being grandparents. 


Day 1 – Lovely Lua at my feet. 

After a week we are now heading to our vacation spot, for some sun, piece and quiet, baby cries and (I predict) some sleepless nights. 

Hope to see you tomorrow!