Lately through pictures.

Life’s been busy. Work and feeling tired all the freaking time has had its toll on me. Everyday when I come back home I just want peace and quiet and a few hours of sleep.

At 28 weeks (6 months, roughly) I’m starting to feel the weight. Two months ago I had nearly no bump and all of a sudden it kind of blew up. It’s huge and I feel huge and heavy and it’s hard to keep myself light and active, but I try. It really bothers me that I can’t workout like usual, so I do what I can… I went from 500 squats a day (at three months), to none due to the bed rest I was put on, and I have now slowly built it up to 300 squats a day. But still I feel like I’m fighting against my own body. Which may be just the thing. It’s just very difficult to adjust to the idea that your body refuses to do some things…  Aside from all that I will finally have a break soon and I’m so looking forward to it!

And since I’m done uploading pictures from trips, here are some pictures of life lately.

French toast and red berries.
French toast and red berries.
another breakfast.
another breakfast.
unmade bed.
unmade bed.
mirror shot.
mirror shot.
My parents' kitten, which I am not allowed to touch now, due to toxoplasmosis issues. Bah.
My parents’ kitten, which I now am not allowed to touch due to toxoplasmosis issues. Bah.
Akira getting ready to sleep on K's lap.
Akira getting ready to sleep on K’s lap.

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Hope you enjoyed.

Have a great Thursday!

Through Ireland.

Back in October, over mid-term break we travelled to Ireland. The plan was simple: rent a car, take a look around the country. However, we ended up spending half of our days in Ireland at a very close friend’s place. We had a lot of fun and we wouldn’t trade it for the world, but we have to go back to see what we missed out on.

Ireland was my very first travel abroad (as in, not Spain or France), it was the first time I ever flew on a plane, I was 14. It was very exciting and I remembered Ireland as being very different and fast paced, and packed with everything a 14 year old might want.

This time, I actually thought it was a really nice quiet place. We still ended up renting a car and drove quite a bit around, the weather was meh (I was there in May, back in the days, and the weather was exactly the same), but it was still very very nice. Ireland has a magic, mysterious aura in its forests that always make me feel like I might be surrounded by mythical creatures — I love it.

So here are a few pics to show off the first few days.

A note left by the owner of our Airbnb.
A note left by the owner of our Airbnb.

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Back to Ginza.

Thank you all for the get well wishes and the suggestions! Really appreciate it!

After all the excitement at the Koshien we embarked on one of the first Shinkansen back to Tokyo, where we picked up our luggages at our wonderful Airbnb place and went to Mitsui Garden Hotel, where we had been before. The feeling of going back to Ginza only deepened the certainty that the trip was coming to an end, and it was bittersweet.

In Ginza we explored the neighbourhood and discovered even more wonderful places.

Unmade bed in Osaka.
Unmade bed in Osaka.
Still in Osaka.
Still in Osaka.

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To the Koshien.

So let’s finish this! I miss Japan terribly. We’re already thinking about the next trip to Japan, in a couple of years, and it’s going to be even better than before.

I still have photos from Ireland and Paris to post…! But let’s visit Japan now.

After a wonderful day at Universal Studios, we took the first train out to Osaka, where we walked around a bit and ate our lunch before heading to the Koshien stadium with Atsuko and her boyfriend.

Still in Universal's premises.
Still in Universal’s premises.
We miss you, Japanese rollercoasters!
We miss you, Japanese rollercoasters!


Being at Koshien stadium was like a dream come true for me. I am a big Mitsuru Adachi fan, who, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the best and most famous mangakas, whose mangas focus mainly on sports, namely, baseball. So I’ve been reading baseball mangas for a very long time, and just like any character in those mangas, going to a game at the Koshien was the ultimate goal.


Cold soba. Delicious.
Cold soba. Delicious.
Eel for keoshi.
Eel for keoshi.


And it did not disappoint one bit. Completely humongous and full of fans dressed appropriately with tiny plastic bats to make some noise while the game was on. There were also girls going around all the time serving beer. Now let’s pause here for a second. I haven’t been in other stadiums or games in any other country besides Portugal, but from my experience, taking plastic bats and drinking alcohol during a game would be a one way ticket to a bloody death at the stands, so I was absolutely amazed, once again, with how civilised Japanese are.

DSCF6131 DSCF6133 DSCF6136 DSCF6139 DSCF6142 DSCF6143

The whole experience was stunning. From eating out of bento boxes to happily celebrate the wins of Hanshin Tigers with everyone around us, to letting go of worm like balloons to celebrate the last point was just an amazing experience, one that we are definitely not going to forget.

DSCF6149 DSCF6154 DSCF6162 DSCF6165


There are no words to describe what was really felt by us during nearly four hours. Definitely unforgettable. And here are some videos (with the iPhone 5s)!

Hope you enjoyed it! Come back tomorrow for more!

The big 30.

On Wednesday I hit a big milestone, I turned 30!

Sometimes I still can’t believe it.
Life has been…balanced, so far. At heart, I feel like I’m still 16 most of the time, which reminds me of something keoshi tends to say in these cases “We don’t grow up, we just grow old”. And it’s quite quite true! I’m still the same person I was when I was 16, just, perhaps, wiser more experienced.

And now it’ll be even more fun! Everyday now I wonder how is he/she is going to turn out. What are we going to teach he/she while he/she grows up? Oh it’s going to be fun! Tiring and overwhelming, but most of all, fun and loving.

It’s going to be a nice year.




On Wednesday we went for dinner at The Insólito, and it was really nice. The food was amazing and the moment will definitely have a special place in my heart forever.


We started off with a really nice seafood broth, that had the right amount of spice and the perfect freshness and sea flavor in every spoon.


Since I can’t have anything raw or undercooked I had a really really nice pork belly, with a bread mix with chorizo and boiled spinach, with clams, everything swimming in a nice broth – what we here call Carne de Porco à Alentejana. K had octopus with vegetables and sweet potato gnocchi, that was also pretty delicious.


The staff was very nice and everything was very pleasant. It was indeed a nice bday dinner. Too bad I couldn’t eat any oysters, because they looked yummy! Next time, for sure.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of people with the flu at school, I came down with a pretty bad one. I can’t take any medicine now, which makes it it’s even lovelier… So I had to stay put and stay in bed today, and hopefully I’ll be better by Sunday.


Lastly I want to thank everyone for the bday wishes! Thank you all!
Have a great day!

2015, here we go!

Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and I wish you all a very very happy 2015!

Reviewing 2014, it was in simple terms, quite awesome! Personally, it was a lot of work but also very compensating; I shed a few tears, but I smiled even more.
Travel wise, it was full of little big trips here and there, I visited astounding Dubai, we had a very fun road trip through Spain, went to Japan a second time – this was definitely one of the highlights of the year -, then a trip to Ireland to visit friends and a getaway weekend in Paris to finish off the year.

Of course I can’t forget the biggest trip of them all: by November I found out I was nearly two months pregnant!…which was the other highlight of the year. We didn’t plan on being pregnant now, it was something I only envisioned in years to come, but when we found out, it was like being shoved into life’s biggest and most wonderful roller-coaster, and we’re just at the beginning!

For me, this year is bound to be packed with big surprises, as I’ll be spending the next 6 months preparing for the rest of my life, along side my best friend and Love. Our families, who have been putting up with us for forever, will now have another human being to love, care and spoil, and that will also be one more thing to look into. And Akira, who’ll also have a very fun and different year, I bet.

So, 2015, I’m ready to embark on this journey!

And now here are some pics of these last few days.












I wish you all the very best in this next year, have fun!