Day 17/365

It was one of those days that involved a sleeping strike. But usually that all stops at around 7pm, however, this time, it didn’t… It’s been a rough evening! But it’s okay. That why we’re here!!

Day 17/365 – damned uphill! 

Even so I went on a 6.4 km run. My pace was far from what I wanted it to be, but in my defense the elevations was terrible.

I need to hit the pillows. So sleepyyyy….

water and air’13.

Here’s the compilation of a few shots depicting sea/river/lakes and sky. The more I live in the city the more I enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, and some of these pictures make me feel really good. One of my personal favourites is the one from Kamakura. I didn’t expect to go to the beach or step into the Pacific Ocean when we went to Japan, it totally happened by chance and I loved it. We laid on the dark sand and enjoyed the sunset before headed back to Tokyo. Quite the perfect evening.


Paris, France. January’13

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unmade beds ’13.

It’s the 24th of December and I haven’t mentioned christmas once, mainly because adulthood (along with other unfortunate and sad events) killed xmas for me. I used to love xmas! Now it’s just…meh.

The other day I overheard a woman in her 30s saying that ‘the cool thing about having kids is being able to watch cartoons again and not be judged about it!‘ and she sound very sure of herself. I cringed at this and I mouthed a wtf  to myself, because who says this?!

Well, let me be equally irresponsible (just ’cause it’s xmas and because I don’t mind being judged on watching cartoons)  and say that the cool thing about having kids has to be to bring back some kind of joy to xmas! It has to be fun watching them have fun!

Anyway, I don’t want to ruin anyone’s xmas moment nor feeling, so I’m leaving you with the unmade beds of 2013! Until the end of 2013 — can you believe it’s the end of 2013?!?! — I’ll be compiling a few photos within some categories in order to celebrate this wonderful year, because it was indeed a good year for me — so good, that I’m afraid of what’s coming next…!

New York, USA —  January’13.

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one wish.

April is almost at its end. It’s freaking cold even though it’s sunny and nice outside (at least for now, at least here).

I’ve been on an emotional roller-coaster for the last couple of days. I guess it’s true what they say, one days you’re up one days you’re down, but no one said it would be fun, because it isn’t.

Do you ever wonder what would you ask for if you had one wish? I always thought, ever since I was a kid that maybe, if I had that choice, I would like to go back in time and do it all over again. Would I do it in a different way? Would I change only a few things? Would I do it at all?

Nah. I don’t think I would. Some things were just too sad to go through again, and some other things were too happy to want to forget…So no, I wouldn’t do it again. But I would like to have the possibility to even consider it.

Talking nonsense? Yeah. It’s Monday and I had bad dreams.

Like I said, nonsense.

I just now noticed I have photos from Munich to edit. Will do that in the upcoming weeks, surely.

Don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY, people!

Have a good day.

it makes you think.

I woke up feeling tired and sleepy today. It’s already wednesday and I realised that I did not post anything here since friday — whaaa? Well, days fly by me like rivers flow to the ocean and I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had any time to sit in front of the computer nor edit photos with the iphone. When I hit the pillow at night I can barely keep my eyes open for more than just a couple of minutes… Life isn’t for the faint of heart. But it’s okay, I’m not complaining. Just making conversation.

I recently acquired a copy of “a year of mornings” by the girls from 3191 miles apart, and I was so struck by the simple and beautiful nature of the photos that it made me think about what I’ve been doing so far with photography. I never intended (nor do I intend to) be something special in the photography field, but when I do something I make sure that I at least try my best to make it likeable…for me.

That is not to say I don’t care about others opinions, of course they matter, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this or bother posting it around the web, but sometimes I feel that I lose myself in the amidst of everything and everyone around me — That happens to me a lot in life too…I’m getting better though — so I need to make sure that everything I bring to the table is 100% me. And that is not an easy task to do.

The photos in the book are honest and simple, and that’s exactly what I want to portray in my photos. So I’m letting you all know that I’m re-thinking my thoughts for photography, trying to achieve something that I enjoy, and making sure that it comes through in whatever image I may capture.

The book I mentioned and a colourful plan for a 25 days trip.

Having said that, I also want to let you all know that I’ve got something in the oven for the next posts…nothing fancy, just a bit of reviewing on simple things.

Hope you all have a great day and let’s hope the rain goes away.


zmar and beyond.

I have talked about Zmar more than once around here, but for all of you who are new, Zmar is basically a very fancy camping site. It’s an Eco Camp Resort & Spa, as they put it. I’ve known Zmar before it had a real spa and I’ve been going almost every year around summer. Aside the fancy stuff, like the ecological performance of the place, its spa, the tennis courts and various activities, the enormous outside pool, the waves pool and gym and the wooden little chalets…Zmar is basically the perfect camp site to relax. To not think about your everyday life.

I always camp at Zmar, but this time around we went to try out a small chalet that is called Zmobile. Everything was really neat and pretty and perfect for a couple (and their dog, because Akira was also with us), a great nice comfy bed, with enough room to move around and to hang clothes, a neat bathroom with everything you need, and a nice small kitchen with a small table that could fit three people and a nice tv, that you could watch from the couch hanging in the kitchen area. Everything was quite adorable and nice, including the small porch where Akira laid around enjoying the sun (that only lasted for a few hours on Saturday).

While there, we enjoyed our breakfast, our lunch and the ocean that is 10 mins away from the campsite (driving); we watched movies — gotta say that we watched Jurassic Park again, remind us that teh movie is just perfect and awesome in so many ways.

It was a nice, calm and relaxing weekend.

Hope you have a great thursday!

keoshi and akira
the beautiful view.
the ocean ahead.
a little bit scary.
love this view.
the perfect combination.

small details.
scary pretty nature.

akira on the porch.
our comfy bed.