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Even though I’m on break I still have a ton of things to do this week. I need to spring-clean the house because this will be my only big break before summer holidays and I have to do it now or I know I won’t manage to do it any other time. Cleaning during the week takes a big, ginormous chunk of time of my free-at-home-time, and because I’m a clean and neat freakazoid it gets to my head very quickly when I know I don’t have time to do it properly. There’s just too much to do after getting home from work! So I need to do a really thorough and deep cleaning and organising around the house this week.

Curtains and wall-mounting shelves need to be done this week;

I also need to get back to the usual workout routine, even though I’ve been riding my (new and awesome) bike almost everyday after work, but I need to get back to callisthenics and yoga quickly;

The bikes in the living room situation needs some solving…

I need to organise what ever I need to do for the freaking dissertation — I keep forgetting about that…ugh;

And some interior design needs to happen as well…along with a trip to ikea probably.

Oh good heavens…this is just too much to do in just one week time. Damn. But it needs to happen.

Right now it’s still sunday and I’m focusing on updating my feeds and reading whatever I had in line to read and posting stuff to tumblr and pinterest… and we’ll see about tomorrow. I’m also trying to figure out how Reeder (my feed reader) is going to deal with the retiring of Google Reader… They only said “Don’t worry, reeder won’t die”. Okay… thanks, but these days I need a little more reassuring than just “don’t worry”. Hopefully everything will be okay.

And because it is Sunday I’m sharing with you guys a very Sunday-Funday keoshi, akira and me had back in the beginning of March.

Have an awesome day!

rain, rain, please go away.

Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny spring day! Today, I woke up I listened to the rain fall outside and I just wanted to stay in bed… I actually did for 20 more minutes than what was supposed to. Meh. Damn weather. In two days it’ll be officially spring, so the rain better go away and the sun should be showing off soon…or else!


Even though it seems like yesterday the trip to Vermont is already far gone, but I am still enjoying reminiscing every time I look at the pictures. It was a very pretty and quiet place, and I could easily imagine what it looked like in Summer. All the calmness inspires your soul to be quiet and to just enjoy the surroundings. 

Definitely a place to go back to.

Have a nice day!


hello monday.

Here’s to another monday!

Un unmade bed (or any bed for that matter) would do me great right now. I should be starting the week refreshed but instead I’m tired and I want to sleep…

I haven’t been doing half the things I usually do for myself, and it’s starting to show, I need to focus on myself a little bit more.

I got two more weeks until the easter break and I can’t wait! This week is bound to be a tiring and busy but I’m sure it’ll fly by quick.

In the meantime, here are a couple of shots from the hotel in Newark, NJ, before I left for Burlington, Vermont.

Enjoy and have a great monday!


unmade bed in Newark hotel. I actually really love this picture… I was always a fan of unmade beds.


still life sneak peek.

I’m back home and missing the states already (it’s so funny saying that!).

I’m already editing and uploading photos of my trip onto flickr, but first things first, this small batch of five is only a sneak peek of what’s to come.
Honestly, I didn’t take that many pictures…I was too busy taking in all the things around me, and I only brought my fuji x100, this time, fully equipped with the second battery and its charger.

Enjoy the first peek at new jersey from above and a few still life shots from the hotel.

Have a nice sunday!

pretty things.

Ah what a week! and yes it ain’t over yet, but it will be over for me at the end of today (thursday)!

On friday I will get on a plane and travel. Where? Himitsu desu…which means it’s a secret! I will keep my instagram updated. *hint* it will be very exciting and very different!

But for now I’m going to leave you with a few brand new and pretty things I got for christmas (I know, ages ago) that were given to me by Cardume and Image Color, These are two apparel brands very close to my heart because I have been watching them grow ever since they started. So take a look at their stuff!

Have a nice day and a nice friday!

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paris from a distance.

Hello! No, I ain’t dead just yet.

These have been very very busy days, busy good, but still… busy. I’ve been very tired due to the amount of workload so I just couldn’t come up with time to put something up here. I’ve been on instagram as usual and also on tumblr, but that’s mainly it.

A lot has been going on but I’m not gonna bother you with all that right now, mainly because it’s friday and we just want the end of the day to come along fast. I will post soon with all the news and more pictures.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from Paris, the only ones I managed to shoot with the fuji x100 — love that camera.

Hope you all have a great day!



the storm is gone.

On friday and saturday we were hit by a little storm. Fast crazy winds and rain, lots of it. So yesterday me and the boys went on a little walk through the woods and found the storm’s destructive path. It makes you feel so small and powerless.


Nature is such an amazing and incredible thing, we often fail to give it any credit or attention.


have a nice monday!

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