Days (cont)

day30, aug30

Days in school, teaching and whatnot, have begun. Full-throttle. And of course this (as in the blog) has suffered already. I swear I am trying to change that, but it’s just not easy. It was only a week but it felt like a full whole month, seriously. In the beginning it’s always chaotic, and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. And I know that! And I know I should take it easy, but I don’t. I always try to do more and step a little bit further…it almost always comes back to bite me in the a$$. 

Anyway, here are the last few days’ 365days. 

day31, aug31 

day32, sep1 – oats and chia pudding, and fruit. 

day33, sep2 – plants all over. 

day34, sep3 

day35, sep4 

day36, sep5 

day37, sep6

day38, sep7

day39, sep8

day40, sep9

day41, sep10

Enjoy the week. 

A bunch of days/365

Turns out that having a baby and working at the same time is tough. Who would’ve guessed?! 

When I got home after work on Wednesday I wanted nothing more than to lay down for a bit with my baby and relax for a bit. Everything was going great until Baby L didn’t fall asleep before 1 am. 

Let’s hope this changes a bit during the next days. 


Day 91/365Nov 2nd 2015 – finally the iPhone is back. Apple sent me a new iPhone, or so they say. It came in a bubble wrap only, so I have no idea if it’s new or not. It’s definitely not the one I had before though… All this had me extremely disappointed with Apple.


Day 92/365Nov 3rd 2015 – gift from a sweet friend to Baby L. It came from Japan and it’s Baby L’s Japanese astrology sign, the sheep (hitsuji)! 


Day 93/365Nov 4th 2015 – burgers for dinner. 

Day 94/365Nov 5th 2015 – ups, I didn’t take a photo. The only photo of this day on my phone is a screenshot of a complaint I filed to the police about a neighbor mistreating his dog. Everyday I listen to that poor dog getting beaten up, so I had to do it, unfortunately…

 Day 95/365Nov 6th 2015 – candy from Japan! A small thing that made me so happy. I still need to write a proper post about this day, though.


Day 96/365 Nov 7th 2015 – there’s pie in the oven.   

Day 97/365 Nov 8th 2015 – walk around Lisbon. The weather was pretty great so we decided to go out and enjoy it. Baby L was a tiny bit fussy which would make Akira get a bit nervous, but everything turned out okay.

Have a great week! 

Days 88, 89 & 90/365

I need to stay on point now. With this and everything else – this has always been my problem, want to do too much at the same time…I guess the pressure makes me work better/harder? I dunno… 

This next Wednesday I have to go back to work. My maternity leave was cut short and I have to go back earlier than anticipated…which sucks. But you gotta do what you gotta do. 

I realised that I’ll never have the opportunity to stay with my daughter for this amount of time, 24/7, ever again. And when I think about that, it’s a little daunting. But that’s life… 

Day 88/365 Oct 30th – sushi night. 

 Day 89/365Oct 31st – Saturday breakfast. This was the day that marked a year that I found out I was pregnant. I got one of those pharmacy tests, and when I saw it was positive I didn’t want to believe it. I told myself that it would only make it official if a doctor told me I was, indeed, pregnant. On November the 2nd, the conversation with the Doctor when like this: 

Me – I’m here because  I did one of those cheap pregnancy tests, and it came out positive.

Doc – oh congratulations! Fantastic! 

Me – … No, no, no, you’re not getting it. It was one of those things you pee on. I need to know if I really am pregnant. 

Doc – *laughing hysterically* oh you are, you are! But let me redirect you…

And then I actually saw it with my own eyes. A white blob, already showing a baby form, in a black monitor. 

I cannot believe that was a year ago. And that white blob turned out to be the prettiest baby, who already has two little teeth showing. 


Day 90/365Nov 1st – Sunday brunch. 
 We went out for a walk on Saturday and the sky was amazing. 

Have an awesome week everybody! 

Days 85, 86, 87/365

I’ve been feeling rather unstable, emotionally unstable. Sometimes a thought comes into my mind and it’s the end of the world and I find myself on the verge of crying, and after a while it doesn’t really matter anymore, and I feel perfectly okay. 

I dunno what’s wrong… I’m blaming it on hormones. But I don’t like this at all.    

   Day 85/365 Oct 27th – on a walk with Akira, trying to beat the rain (we made it!).
 The sky was looking pretty unstable.


Day 86/365
Oct 28th – in a week these mornings will be over. I’m not sure how I feel about that. 

 Akira keeping an eye on the lunch table.


  Souvenirs from all over and a bunch of other stuff.  

Yesterday we had the grandparents over so we went out to take a look at a new flat (not the place for us) and then enjoyed dinner at Hard Rock. #thankgoodnessforgrandparents

 I should’ve gotten the veggie one.

Moleskine gift from K and a new deck of cards. 


Day 87/365Oct 29th – sweets for breakfast. 

Let’s see what today brings. 

Have a great Friday. 

Day 84/365

Teething has been a complicated process. But we now have two teeth already out (yay!) and there’s more coming, so I guess we’ll just have to learn to be very patient. 

Day 84/365 – today, another milestone: she ate all her solid food meal in (nearly) one go and without crying (much)!

I keep humming or singing the itsy bitsy spider and wheels on the bus (and things of the sort) All. The. Time. I can’t seem to get it out of my system…and they all seem to mish-mash together… It’s in my bloodstream, I’m afraid… 

I’ve been wanting to draw again, so I might pick up on that sometime soon…*laughs* because I so obviously have an abundance of free time on my hands!…aah I should sleep. 

Have a great day people. 

Days 81, 82 & 83/365

Rough couple of days! Okay so long story short. 

On the 9th of October I got the new iPhone 6s. Two days later there was some sort of glitch and the screen stopped working. It would only turn on when I hit the reset combination buttons. I thought it was weird, but it wasn’t the first time it happened something to me with a new iPhone and then it just simply never happened… Turns out it happened again and again and again and I had to take it to the shop. And the most idiotic thing happened. They took the phone away, and refused to give me a new one (even after complaints – K went ballistic on them) because they have to send it to Apple, so Apple can send a new phone. I mean…WTF? 

I chose a white iPhone this time, and kept thinking “never had trouble with a black one, now that I’m getting a white something is gonna happen…”, well there ya go. I really must trust my gut. 

Anyway. I completely forgot to take a picture on day 81, which was the 23rd – I tried to hold on to it for sometime, yes… Sucks, actually, because that was the day I left the iPhone at the store…and then I had to ask my parents to send my old iPhone and I waisted at least two hours trying to pick up the phone…ugh. 

It was a quiet rainy rainy weekend. Keeps pouring out there. 

Day 82/365 – brunch at home. We nearly always have brunch on weekends, we get up too late to have a breakfast so we just do it all in one go. 

Day 83/365 – mid afternoon. 

Hope you have a great week. 

Day 79/365

[nov. 21st, 2015]

We officially have a(nother) solid food eater in the house! Not that she ate much, per se, but she had her first tries with eating from a spoon. It’s an exhilarating experience, to watch her do all this and learn all these things. 

All that aside the baby has had her 4th month doctor’s appointment and everything is on the right track.  

We also got Netflix today. I’m loving it! – not that I had much time to explore it, but from what I’ve seen, we can start doing some nice series marathon. 

 Day 79/365 – Akira wanting my pear. 

Tomorrow’s Thursday already? Whaaaat?