takayama and furukawa.

I’m sorry for the radio silence.

Life’s been busy around here: house painting, coming up with the new office, moving up furniture, bringing in new furniture…and then we had to dip our feet on the crystal clear water of our beautiful Atlantic (meaning, we went to the beach).

I also have been thinking a lot about the future direction of this blog, I need to freshen it up, somehow! — I’m on a cleaning/tidying up rampage, okay? For now, I have a few ideas, but since I have no one to pitch them to, because I’m my own boss around here, I need to mull them over and come up with what I really want to see.

Today I’m presenting you photos from our trip to Takayama and Furukawa. *This post is heavily loaded with photos, I am sorry!*

A couple of days after arriving to Tokyo, we packed some clothes on our backpacks and headed off to Nagoya, but in between, we visited the very beautiful Takayama and Furukawa. Both are very small towns but very authentic and pretty. We walked around quite a lot, tried fresh soba, beef sushi and grilled dango, fed the carps and knew immediately why we were back to Japan after 11 months.

meal on the train.

make the kitties happy and click for more pics!


If you follow my Instagram account you have probably figured out where I’m spending my summer vacations. Japan. Yup. That’s right, Japan again. And if the obvious question (why??) is going through your mind, well… Give me one good reason why not.

We wanted to come back, and we couldn’t find a good reason why we shouldn’t, so we just did.

This trip is like an extension to the last one, as I can almost obliviate everything in between and collate both trips into one.

So far, we visited Tokyo, Takayama, Furukawa, Nagoya and we are now in Kyoto. And we’re still in the beginning! There was no typhoon nor earthquake nor tsunami that held us back and we’re thoroughly enjoying ourselves even more.

Enjoy the iPhone photos for now!

20140713-234218-85338059.jpg more photos after the jump