Giveaway — Guided by Cereal

First of all thank you so much for entering the giveaway!

I am fully aware that the winner should be announced today, however there has been some kind of stumble.

The tag was used 52 times but I am only able to see 45 photos. The reason behind this has to be because people who also used the tag, and want to enter the giveaway, have their profile set to private, and I’m most likely not following those people, so I can’t see their photos.

I would really like for more people to enter the giveaway, but I do realise that it would be hard for those people to know if I’m following or not. So I’m going to post one (my favourite) photo of each user who have entered the giveaway so whoever is missing can message me on instagram or drop me a comment here.

by vanessamarcos
by obuckley
by solangebonifacio
by kellysteenlandt
by miss_i_am_free
by goncaloforte

I’m giving, whoever is missing, 24h to do this — so by Wednesday (23rd of Sept) at 2am I should have heard from those people, if not, I’ll just take into account the photos I can actually see.

And since we’re at it, let me just say that it would be very hard for me to choose the best photo, because I love them all. Instead of me picking one, I’ll randomise a number (using and the photo that corresponds to that number will determine the winner.

So feel free to tag more photos if you want, until Wednesday (23rd of Sept) by 2am, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Good luck! and those of you missing, let me know, please!

Guided by Cereal – Giveaway

Giveaways are not something that I do on a regular basis, but once I saw this little book I felt that was too pretty not to share, so here’s it is.

This is Guided by Cereal – New York. Cereal magazine, for those of you who don’t know, is a travel and style magazine, focusing on cities, people, products and food, always portrayed through beautiful photography. Cereal has also city guides online, where you can read about different cities and what they have to offer. From those guides, two of them are printed out, New York and London.

DSCF6909-2 DSCF6900

I just love love love Cereal’s editorial look. Everything is very carefully thought out and it looks incredibly pretty. It feeds my wanderlust, not only with words, but also with photos. It really makes me want to travel to all these places…

There is a lot of information about good hotels, restaurants and cute small shops.


New York is one of those places that is surely in nearly everyone’s bucket list as a holiday destination,— and for good reason, NYC is an incredible place — and since this summer I didn’t go out on vacation, it would be nice to travel  by checking out the places you guys visited this summer, so this way *you* are feeding my wanderlust. In order to do this, you just have to share with me the photos you took while visiting some place you went on holidays.

DSCF6914-2 DSCF6927-2

Select your instagram photos showing the places you have visited, places that are special to you in some way, and tag them with #giveaway_akanekinomoto — the best photo will win the city guide Guided by Cereal New York, and it’ll be featured here (alongside others I find interesting).

The guide I’m holding and opening in the photos, is not the same one I’m giving away. This is a completely new copy, that was never opened or taken out of the box — I opened the box to see if it was the right guide.


This guide is just beautiful, people!

The giveaway ends by Sunday, September 20th, by midnight (12.00 pm) and the winner will be announced next day.

Good luck all and tag away! #giveaway_akanekinomoto

CEREAL magazine Giveaway.

To kick off this nice looking Saturday (even though it’s a cold one) I have the very first giveaway on the blog! Everybody say ‘YAAAAAY!’!


Last week my very first CEREAL magazine arrived and I instantly fell in love. And I’m gonna dare and say that it  felt nicer than Kinfolk (I still love kinfolk!). Yeah, it’s *that* good.

This quarterly publication is something between a very nice book and an amazing magazine, featuring food and places to visit, as well as interesting people. The overall design of the magazine is very clean and simple, remind one of the northern european style that makes us all forget about the cold and wanting to move there.

This is CEREAL’s volume two and it takes us on a journey through the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the wonders of the Long Pepper and the flavours of the fiery red paste of Gochujang amongst other things. The writing is beautiful and follows the style of the magazine, sticking to a simple and very eloquoent speech, side by side with absolutely gorgeous examples of the most fine photography.


I love it so damn much that I think one of you guys deserve to feel the same love.


Welcome to the CEREAL magazine giveaway!

For a chance to win a copy of CEREAL magazine VOL. 2 you will need to: 

* SUBSCRIBE to the blog through the FOLLOW link on the right bottom of the page;

* leave a COMMENT on this post saying why you would love to have this volume of CEREAL;
The give away will close on Thursday the 2nd of May at 10PM (GMT) and a randomly selected winner will be announced on Friday the 3rd of May.


Good luck every one! And comment comment comment!


PS — the dog is not part of the giveaway!

PS2 — to enter the giveaway all you need to do is subscribe to the blog and comment on this post, you do not need to follow me on instagram or pinterest. But you’re more than welcome to!