instagram new terms of service: take a deepbreath.

Instagram was the first app I ever
downloaded for my iPhone as soon as I got it and it has a been a
source of fun, friendships, inspiration, creativity and just a
little bit of addiction. Well, everything can take a turn,
right? sometimes for the worst! Right. But just take a deep breath.
Yesterday I briefly considered deleting my instagram account in the near future,
after I read a ton of comments and screenshots and a few articles on the web about the new
Terms of Service of Instagram. People
were up in arms! And it’s completely understandable… Like
everyone else, I panicked. Then I wrapped my mind around it and
went to read the ToS myself. Turns out they improved it and not
otherwise! Instagram has always had the right to use our
photos in ads in whichever way they wanted, but now they have
limited that. On the verge they explain it very
clearly: ;

Now you’re only agreeing that
someone else can pay Instagram
to display your photos and other
information only in connection
paid or sponsored content. These phrases have
very specific meanings — Instagram can’t sell your photos to
anyone, for example. It simply doesn’t have

; In fact, go read that article. It explains it
perfectly. I completely understand how people jump into conclusions
about these matters. The language used is complicated and boring
and I really think Instagram should have anticipated this
reaction after all the commotion that happened after Facebook got
involved. They should have promptly explained what was going on
without all the jibber-jabber. They have done so yesterday. No harm
done. I will still keep posting on instagram as always! and here! Aaaaaaannnd on flickr. I’ve been missing flickr for a while now. I even let my pro account expire a few months ago… I think I will go back to flickr on full force after christmas. flickr is not only a great place to see great photos but it is also a great place to store your photos. I’ve got more than 5k photos there that I know won’t go anywhere. And that, for me, is amazing.

Anyway…! Here are a few more shots from Berlin! Enjoy and have a nice wednesday!

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hello, December.

And it’s December. That’s it. The last month of this year. Can you believe it? I can’t. It’s absolutely unbelievable…

Last thursday, on a whim, we went out for burgers. But not the regular burgers. The gourmet kind of burgers! So we headed to Honorato. It’s very in right now, they say. Excellent food, they say. I don’t say anything because I stood at the entrance for 5 minutes and no one said a word.

We eventually caught up with a server and asked how long would we have to wait for a table and she replied “I don’t know”. So we left. We went to Hamburgueria do Bairro. We waited for 5 minutes and sat and ate the best burger of the hood. And it was indeed very very good.

Definitely a place to visit again.



It’s been a full weekend. Packed with movies and board games.

Some of you might have noticed that I have stopped my latest 365days project. A bit early, right? Yeah… Well, something struck me.

Last week I didn’t feel well and I honestly didn’t want to take pictures of myself. I started thinking back to my first self portraits project and I figured that it was a completely different time of my life… Right now, I don’t need or want to be “forced” to take a picture of myself everyday…because instead of making me feel creative and good about it, it’s the other way around. So it’s not worth it.

I am thinking about different projects I can take on, because I like feeling challenged, but until I come up with a good one, I’m gonna stay put and do what I usually do.

I’m not even sad or upset about it as I used to when I quit the previous attempts at the projects… I really feel it’s the right thing to do right now.

And that’s that.

Have a nice Monday!







Three hundred and sixty five.

Here are the latest 365days photos. I’m actually enjoying this very much. It’s easier and faster… And it’s going good! Now let’s see how it is in a year!

Yesterday I made a few tweaks to the blog. You can now share the posts to different platforms and you can subscribe! Just click the follow button on the right bottom of the screen and enter your email! That way you’ll never miss another post! I know quite a few people like to use the RSS feeds readers, very much like myself, but this is to all of you who don’t or also want to receive updates by email. Enjoy!

Have a nice Monday.


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I used to pour all of my heart into my blogs. Everyone knew what was going through my mind and my life. It was my understanding that was what a blog was for, it was like a journal, something I have always kept ever since a very early age. That changed a bit as I got older and I turned the volume down a bit in what concerned my personal affairs…

A couple of years ago something important but terrible happened in my life and it just felt natural to share, because I was seriously hurting, and I never thought that there existed people who could take advantage of that to hurt me even further. Well, ever since then I keep my private life to a minimum when it comes to this blog. Sometimes it may seem like it’s the other way around, but trust me, it isn’t.

Yesterday I got terrible news. The kind of news that took me back to what happened before. And because I know there are also good people out there, I’m sharing this… One of my aunts, my parents sister-in-law, died yesterday. She was sick. It was a tumor, what else. I can’t say it feels the same as before, because it’s just not the same. But it still hurts. Not to mention her daughter, a 24 year old girl was one of my closest cousins… And my heart aches for her. I feel very sorry for her.

It goes without saying that the instant this happened my thoughts were in a whirlwind and culminated on both my parents. If something like this were to happen to any of them, and I am not the kind of person who shakes it off by saying “it will never happen, everything will be fine”, I would be absolutely devastated. To say the very least. But I cannot dwell on it. And I won’t.

Everything is just terribly sad and depressing.

I am sorry to welcome November like this. But that’s life. Nothing can be done.

I am finishing this post with a Brave quote, that I feel is somehow appropriate to all this situation.

There are those who say fate is beyond our command, that destiny is not our own.
But I know better.
Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.

And that’s that.

Enjoy the latest photos and have a nice Sunday.


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And yet again.

I’m trying to do another 365days. Yet again. With self portraits. You can start betting on which day I’m gonna fail. My money is on the 127th day!

This time though I’m going to keep it up with my iPhone (or will I?) and post it on instagram. There are quite a few people who try to keep up a project365 (you can search the tag), but honestly there isn’t anything that pops up or catches my eye. Truth be told, I have been a away from instagram, even though I post photos daily… I just don’t go through my feed so often nor do I check new people out… But that’s life. I can’t really do much about it.

So let’s do this!…and see how it goes.

Have a nice Tuesday!

(I included a photo of akira sleeping under the covers, just so to prove he does sleep literally under the covers)


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I can smell the winter.

We are now officially back to winter time. The sun is starting to disappear earlier in the evening and I hate that.

I’m not a morning person. Even though I’m feeling that as I grow older I’m getting up earlier in the mornings and be more productive. Back in college I used to go to bed way past 2 am get up feeling very sleepy, have a rough morning and then have a nice productive afternoon and evening and be extremely productive by night.

Work and akira changed all that. Now akira sleeps longer than me. Yes. This dog can sleep for 14 hours. Specially as its getting colder! He just likes to crawl to our bed and sleep under the covers. And he *will* sleep.

The fact that I like to make breakfast every morning also contributes to the fact that I’m making a better use of my mornings… Which is a good thing.

I just don’t like what’s coming. Winter. Winter is coming.


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