19 days in Japan.

In nearly a month time, on the 21st of July, Keoshi and I will get on a plane and begin the trip of our lifetime: Japan.

We will be travelling through the country of the rising sun for 19 days time, diving deep into beautiful and chaotically organised Tokyo, relaxing and breathing in the quiet Kyoto and a few other things in between.

There will be a lot of delish food, loads of new sights, a few ‘omg, we’re so lost‘, new sensations, noises and smells…and truck load of pictures.





So I am very happy to invite you to enjoy this journey with us: visit 19daysinjapan.com and SUBSCRIBE for news, people!



frenchie meeting.

I can’t believe were already on the 22nd of April. Time flies. And it flies even faster when you’re busy and got things to do.
I couldn’t manage to do the wrap up last week because I had literally no time to check anything on the web! Maybe this week? Lets hope so.

The fuji x100 is sold, people. So no more photos from that for a while.

The weekend was busy but fun. On Saturday we went with akira to a french bulldog meet up! It was fun and cute to see all those bat dogs just having a fun time. Some of them were so incredibly cuuuuute! And we manage to meet two of akira’s brothers!

On Sunday we went to a football game which my team won – woohoo! – even though I was sitting on the wrong place of the stadium.

Fun days.

Let’s hope an easy ride for the week ahead.

Have a great Monday!