Day 32/365

Today was pretty busy. With the baby and doing stuff around the house, there was little time to do anything… But bath time always gives way for pretty pics. 

Day 32/365 – little bear. 

I need to work on a few posts, by j honestly haven’t had time. Who knew that having a baby would result in having less time?! Totally new to me!… 

I’ll find the time. Just…patience. It’s all we need right now. 

Day 30/365

After a terrible night, getting up every two hours, nearly, K whipped up an awesome brunch, featuring delicious crispy bacon and eggs and sweet pancakes. 

We then spent the afternoon watching The Brink (it’s awesome!) and we were off to the beach at the end of the day. 

It was indeed quite nice.  

Day 30/365 – beach time!  


It was a great weekend. Have a great Monday! 

Day 28/365

Bath time was pretty late tonight, in order to relax and calm her down, which means a calm feeding time and sleep right after.

We bought a foldable bathtub from Stokke because it’s pretty small when folded, which means less space, and she’s at a point where we can clearly see she’s going to outgrow the tub pretty soon… But there’s no way we’re buying another one…! 

Our place is completely stuffed with baby things at the moment… And even though we are in the process of getting a new place, which we need, I don’t really want to move out… A lot happened in this house and we decorated it from scratch. It was completely (and when I say completely, I mean it) empty when we moved in, so we had to buy every piece of furniture. By doing that, we built our own little place. And it really saddens me to think Baby L will not remember this place as her first home. 

But there’s still a lot of time left to think about that…so just enjoy this adorable face!

Day 28/365 – bath time! 

Tomorrow’s Saturday which means we’ll have Daddy for ourselves! Yay! 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Day 20/365

Apparentlg I’m too tired to remember what happened during the day… Which is a good sign! 

Day 20/365 – bum in diapers! <3

These Bumgenius diapers are so freaking adorable! They are inspired by Einstein and have all these formulas and deductions… Too bad they don’t give too much leverage when it comes to pee and poos. I solved the problem with other inserts, though! Now they’re cute and work properly! 

Tomorrow’s Friday! 

Day 17/365

It was one of those days that involved a sleeping strike. But usually that all stops at around 7pm, however, this time, it didn’t… It’s been a rough evening! But it’s okay. That why we’re here!!

Day 17/365 – damned uphill! 

Even so I went on a 6.4 km run. My pace was far from what I wanted it to be, but in my defense the elevations was terrible.

I need to hit the pillows. So sleepyyyy….

Day 16/365

Slow day today. 

I woke up at 4.30ish and didn’t sleep after that. The baby was tossing around in bed – colicky maybe – so I tried to calm her down for like an hour and a half, only worked for a few minutes, so I put her in our bed where she calmed down a bit. After that I slept for 5 minutes, on and off, trying to calm her down.

Then I stayed home while K went off  on a bike ride, and eventually she slept for a bit, but when I put her down, she’d always wake up. No matter how much I like it, I can’t have her sleep on me all the time……. Can’t get anything done, and laundry is a bitch!… 

Still managed to watch a movie and watch a couple of episodes of Casey Neistat vlog. BTW, if you want Beme codes, let me know. 

Day 16/365 – Slow day. Veggie burger day. 

Waiting for daddy. 

Have a great week start! 

Day 14/365

Pause for coffee while the baby naps. 

Actually what I was drinking is not really coffee. Ever since j found out I was pregnant, I stopped drinking coffee. Not that it’s not allowed! People think/say that you cannot have a cup of coffee daily because it makes the baby much more agitated.  Actually the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee is not nearly enough to do any damage. 

I, however, drank crazy amounts of coffee daily, so I decided to go cold turkey and not drink it. 

Now that I’m not pregnant people say coffee tends to make babies sleepless. I know from a number of articles that what goes through your brastmilk is an infinitesimal amount… But better safe than sorry. 

So sleepy at the moment. I surely could wear a x

Day 13/365

Today marked Baby L’s first two months! We had a doctor’s appointment and everything is running smoothly. Then we went for her first vaccination visit. Three shots in one go. Apart from the obvious cry of pain the first few seconds she behaved like a champ. 

Day 13/365 – two months old. 

Time goes by even faster now. It seems like yesterday that I was carrying this huge belly! 

Also today, Jim Gaffigan favorited my tweet featuring this pic:

Three versions of the same book! The book is amazing so it is definitely worth it. This wasn’t, however, a crazy attempt to buy the same thing thrice. You see, K got the Portuguese version of the book, and because I love the comedian so much I began reading it…

I’m forcing myself to read more in Portuguese – it’s very hard to have a normal chat when all your work is in English, everything you read and hear is in English, and the person you talk with the most is exactly in the same situation. Most of the time both me or K speak in a crazy (sometimes unintelligible) mish-mash of English and Portuguese, that I call Portenglish, and we understand each other fine, the issue begins when we’re speaking with other people. We just get blank stares back. I swear we’re not trying to be smartasses! It’s just hard…

So anyway, I started reading the book in Portuguese and found myself immediately translating the thing in my head in English. I couldn’t move from the 5th page. I got my iPad and bought the book! I loooooooooove real books but having books on a portable device that we can take anywhere, and read anywhere even without light, is just super convenient to open the store and buy books with one click. So that’s what I did! 

However K also wanted to read the book (in English) so I ordered it from Amazon, so that way I can continue reading stuff on the iPad, while he reads the book.  

And that’s the story of how we got to have three versions if the same book at home. 

Hope you have an awesome Friday. 

PS – have in mind that I always write these under sleep deprivation conditions, so if I don’t make sense, I’m sorry. Most times I fall asleep at least three times while writing the posts. True story.