Pretty Nagoya.

After a well spent day in between little towns, we headed to Nagoya.

Nagoya is big and very business-y like. One of the first things we saw when we go there was a lady laying on the floor and a few of her friends surrounding her. I got immediately worried, but figured the situation was completely under control — as in, calling an ambulance an such — turns out she was out drunk, and everyone was laughing and behaving as if that was completely normal! Turns out, it is…

We would only be in Nagoya for a day, to visit the castle. We were incredibly tired, and we just wanted to get a good night sleep — the hotel we stayed in for the night before was decent, just on the verge of bad and we couldn’t really rest properly.

The castle is amazing! It reminded us a lot of Osaka’s castle, but of course this one was completely different in every detail inside and out. Golden carps were everywhere and there was a reenacting of ancient times, with samurais strolling around and old shops all over.

Nagoya castle up ahead!

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If you follow my Instagram account you have probably figured out where I’m spending my summer vacations. Japan. Yup. That’s right, Japan again. And if the obvious question (why??) is going through your mind, well… Give me one good reason why not.

We wanted to come back, and we couldn’t find a good reason why we shouldn’t, so we just did.

This trip is like an extension to the last one, as I can almost obliviate everything in between and collate both trips into one.

So far, we visited Tokyo, Takayama, Furukawa, Nagoya and we are now in Kyoto. And we’re still in the beginning! There was no typhoon nor earthquake nor tsunami that held us back and we’re thoroughly enjoying ourselves even more.

Enjoy the iPhone photos for now!

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