NYC, I’ll see you later.

And quickly we got to the end of the New York city photo batch. This was an incredible trip. Leo was 1 year old and went to the other side of the Antlantic for the first time. We were aprehensive and a little bit scared of what it meant to have such a long trip with a one year old, but she behaved like a champ. We would definitely do it again in a heartbeat.

NYC day 6

I recently turned my instagram private, due to a number of things, including what I talked about last post, and I’ve had a number of people, fellow teachers, coming to me saying that I should keep the account open, that they understand but that we also need to have a life outside of school, and it shouldn’t stop us from having more exposure. Which is all very true. I was so surprised by the messages that I immediately made the account public again. Thank you all for those words. I really really appreciate it and it made me very happy! 🙂

On the sixth day around New York we strolled around as usual and made it to Brooklyn at the end of the day, where we admired the most beautiful sunset right on the Brooklyn bridge.

Just gorgeous — and it’s these pictures that make me miss this city.


NYC days 4 & 5

As I go through my pictures I realise how many of them I forgot. I have photos from Sevilla and Açores to put up. More often than not, these days, I want to close down the blog. Make it private, maybe? This is something I do for me, most of the times. I know I have something to look back to, all my ‘memories’ are up here. The good ones and the bad ones. That’s why I love the blog so much…but it’s just hard to keep it up sometimes. And then there’s a privacy issue that is kind of a bother.

With facebook linking instagram it’s getting harder and harder to keep akane kinomoto away from the me out there. I’ve had a lot of students adding me on instagram — why kids are adding teachers on social media is so mind boggling to me; back in the day, if I saw a teacher outside of school I’d try my very best to avoid him! — and it’s not like I mind that they see my pictures, but it’s like…I cannot get a break! I like to keep things a little separate and it’s becoming harder to do that… I’m hoping that will change with age. Not theirs, mine. I’ll get crankier as years go by, so they will want to avoid me. Right? Right.

Here’s a bit of NYC from our 4th and 5th days in the city.

On the third night, we went to bed with live images of the gun shots to the police force. We woke up the next day and could tell by the news that the next few days were going to be tense. We were caught up in a middle of one of the protests, but managed to quickly get out of the area before the police arrived. That was intense though.

If you ever read one of my posts on trips, you surely know that we like to randomly walk without agenda. And that is most of what we did back in New York. We never really had a plan except to go out and enjoy everything around us. The city is incredibly diverse and nice, and you find something interesting on every corner, but its immensity is also a fact, so walking all of it was a bit daunting. When we go out somewhere, we almost never get on a subway — with the exception of Tokyo, I don’t remember being in a city where we’d take the subway to go anywhere — and in New York we also managed to get by without it by walking the High Line.

This place is called Tacombi and we found it thanks to Jim Gaffigan (I loooooooooove him) who mentioned it in his series. It’s a taco place that served delicious margaritas and, of course, tacos. The place was vibrant and happy and busy, and the food was really really good.

We fell in love with the High Line. We would walk to it nearly everyday just so we could cross 20 blocks or so, going from the Meatpacking district through Chelsea and getting out on 34th street. This 2.33 km pathway was once a railroad that crossed the city on the West side, and it is now a beautiful walkable elevated park that offers gorgeous views of the city and great sites to just sit and relax for a while. You can see more photos on I really really enjoyed the High Line. It’s one of those places in a foreign city that you adopt as a temporary home, or at least, I do.

By 5pm on the fifth day in NYC, the 10th of July, something happened that made millions jump with joy, including us.

Against all odds, Portugal football team won the playoffs, got to the final and won the European championship. We are European champions! On a foreign land that doesn’t really care much for football, we suffered, I must say. First we agreed to not watch the game — it would just be a waste of nearly two hours, and we only had a few more days in NYC — but we found a bar that was playing the game and stayed there for a while. The bar was way too noisy. And there was a guy there, right next to us, playing the expert in soccer, who apparently knew all about Cristiano Ronaldo and hated him, for some reason, and was so happy when he was injured. Ronaldo couldn’t go on. We decided to leave right then and there. We sat along the bay and listened to the game on the radio. It was nerve wrecking. We were tied. I had to go to the bathroom so we walked to the nearest mall and accidentally found a restaurant that had the game on. It was us against everybody. People were looking at us and sneering. Portugal would never win. We never win anything. And GOAL! and we won. And we shouted and screamed and jumped up and down! We facetimed home. We had to feel nearer somehow: CAMPEÕES! was the first word we heard. It was real! We won. We are the champions. And it felt so freaking amazing — New York felt even better that day. And I’ll leave you with this, just because.

Here’s a funny story…

K has been uploading his gorgeous NYC pictures on and today, as I was going through his latest post, I realised that I was maybe missing a few pictures from our trip to New York. I thought ‘hey, why not have a new post with the remaining NYC pics I have left to upload?’ Well, that’s a good idea!… Turns out I only uploaded the first day and a half of our trip. I’ve got a shipload of pictures to upload here! This work thing is just getting out of hand…sheesh.

So without any further ado…

And that’s the end of day two in New York city.

Come back tomorrow for more.


NYC from the lens.

I’ve been around here for a while now, and it’s amazing the amount of people who come and go from this world. Then there are the ones who stay and we still keep contact, and the ones who go and never come back, and the ones who go and come back after a while. That’s the case with this girl. I’ve been in love with her photos for such a loooooong time, and her blog was one of the first I really started following.

I’ve been following her for so so so long that I don’t even know for how long, but she’s amazing. She’s the kind of girl who, despite all struggles, always has a smile on her face. If that alone wasn’t enough, she takes awesome photos. I’ve been in love with her photos for such a long time now. I love her candid style and how she manages to capture so many emotions in every pic. She’s one of the young photographers/bloggers out there who really inspires me. She inspires me to smile everyday and to live life to the fullest, while taking photos. She’s amazing. She has moved to Copenhagen with her husband and pug, and her new blog is precisely about that. CPHbound is her new place. I found out she moved to Copenhagen not long ago, and got a little sad, because we were booked for a trip to Copenhagen this summer, but opted for New York instead. Oh well… One day.

Make sure you take a look at her blog, even if you have to use the translation feature.

Also here are some pics from NYC.

DSC08288 DSC08289 DSC08290 DSC08293 DSC08296 DSC08298 DSC08300 DSC08302 DSC08303 DSC08304 DSC08306 DSC08310 DSC08311 DSC08312

Have a great day!

NYC, you’re beautiful.

New York has a certain je ne sais quoi that appeals to me. I felt that even the first time I was there. 

There’s some sort of magic in the air that pulls you towards the hustle and bustle, even if you’re not the kind of person that likes that sort of thing. Maybe it was all those episodes of Sex and the City, Seinfeld or the Ninja Turtles, and so on that give you that funny feeling “oh this feels happy!”, whenever you pass by a certain street, or you see a certain corner of the city. Maybe it’s the smell of overpriced coffee! Or the bagels, or the one dollar pizza… Or maybe it’s just the smell of rotting garbage out on the streets – trust me, it is very unique.

I dunno what it is, but since that day, back in January, when the streets were covered in snow, and the overpriced warm coffee actually felt nice in my hands, I felt like New York City is one of those places were I could be able to live for a while… But only for a little while. 

Here are a few more shots of the streets of NYC with the iPhone. 

The squirrels were a surprise for me. Last time I saw nothing but snow in Central Park, so there were certainly no squirrels around. But these little guys are so nice and nosy! They sure like to have people around. 

You can imagine what people said when we decided to take a one year old across the ocean. Eight hours on a plane, jet-lag, such a big busy city, what the hell were we thinking, right? Well, if there was one thing we promised to ourselves when we found out we were having a baby, was that we were not going to change the way we live our lives (much). And traveling was definitely one of those things. There will definitely come a day when we are traveling as a couple, and she will stay with her grandparents, but that’s a different story. 

She behaved like a champ. No crying in the plane ever, no fits during the whole trip. Actually, I have to say she was the star of our ensemble.  

Nearly everybody who passed by her smiled at her, and we heard more “oh what a cutie!!” than we can count with hour hands. Also, Aaron Paul smiled his most handsome smile at her (and both of us, as if saying “good job!”) while walking around Bleecker Street and Alice Cooper waved her hello, also with a smile on his face. 

We’re fans of Eddie Huang so we paid a visit to his restaurant Baohaus. Besides the delicious baos, the whole place is impregnated with his personality, with little notes here and there, that definitely give a very Huang touch to the whole thing. 

Thank you Baohaus for the tweet with my photo! 

The Brooklyn bridge is something else. It’s an architectural beauty, and it offers a really nice stroll, with views of Brooklyn on one side, and Manhattan on the other, always overviewing the Hudson. Even though it’s crowded with tourists, it’s still a very nice walk, specially because it was the end of the day, with a beautiful setting sun.

This neighborhood will forever be part of our memories of NYC. From here you can see the river and just wander around the park, and it’s incredibly relaxing, specially after you’ve been walking all around the city. It was here that we listened to part of the game between Portugal and France for the Euro cup, after trying to stay at a bar that was just too noisy. After the second half was over we walked to a shopping center close by, where, by chance, we found a restaurant that had the game on. It was here that we saw Portugal’s goal, and it was here that we celebrated (quite by ourselves) Portugal becoming the European champion. People were smiling at us and frowning at us (we were causing a stir) but we did not care: Portugal WON! We called home and were greeted by shouts of pure joy and happiness, and it felt a little bittersweet to be away from home. Brookfield Place will forever be a special place – we should plan to go back and actually have a meal at the restaurant. 

It was a great great great week for us, and I can’t help but have a smile on my face while I’m writing this. 

Expect more photos from the Sony RX1 in a few days time. 

All the photos were edited on the iPhone using RNI Films and VSCO.