Up North. 

After our days in Porto we drove up above to stay a few more days in Peneda-Gerês.

The North was as I remembered it: small scary-ish roads with amazingly beautiful landscapes all around. It’s unite amazing that after searching for these precious views in so many other countries, other than ours, we can find gems like these in our own backyard.

We stayed at Casas de Campo, in a small rocky village where we could hear nothing but birds, and the occasional vehicle going through the very narrow street.

We had a wonderful wonderful time, and it was the perfect escape from the chaotic city.




Akira was definitely enjoying himself everytime there was water around.

And these things, for the international readers, were once used to collect and keep freshly caught corn.


Isn’t this amazing?      

And we even had time to go to the beach!

We had a wonderful time and we’re definitely going back as soon as possible.

For now, we’re back home, where I’m gonna spend the rest of the week doing some spring cleaning in order to get everything ready for the baby.

Have a great day!

Welcome to Oporto.

Finally a break. I hadn’t realised how much I needed one until I was in it. It’s nice to finally relax and unwind for a while, and for me, these will be the last days I’ll have off without a daughter. After the break I’ll be in school for the next month and a half and then that’s it. The thought still seems a bit daunting to me, but extremely exciting nonetheless.

Because I’m in my last trimester (which in birth terms means, pretty much, anytime now) we travelled by car to Oporto. A calm relaxed trip, where we’ve been doing nothing but eat, stroll around (slowly) with Akira and sleep.

I had never been in Oporto for so long and it’s been nice to see the colorful side of the city, and actually see each little street.


So far we have visited Cantinho do Avillez, Miss’Opo, Casa de Pasto da Palmeira and Café Santiago for the best Francesinha in the world.


Hope you liked it!

Have fun!

Holidays, don’t go away.

I can’t believe I wrote petty instead of PRETTY on the previous post.
All sorted out now, anyway.

The moment you read this I’ll be lying on warm sand, trying to keep akira off my towel and/or myself, reading another Murakami masterpiece, feeling the freshness of the Atlantic, hopefully eating pastries, delicious pasta and fresh grilled fish, all in the good company of cold wine (or beer, either one is fine).

Yes, I’ll be at the beach. So make sure to follow on instagram!

Have a great weekend!

frenchie meeting.

I can’t believe were already on the 22nd of April. Time flies. And it flies even faster when you’re busy and got things to do.
I couldn’t manage to do the wrap up last week because I had literally no time to check anything on the web! Maybe this week? Lets hope so.

The fuji x100 is sold, people. So no more photos from that for a while.

The weekend was busy but fun. On Saturday we went with akira to a french bulldog meet up! It was fun and cute to see all those bat dogs just having a fun time. Some of them were so incredibly cuuuuute! And we manage to meet two of akira’s brothers!

On Sunday we went to a football game which my team won – woohoo! – even though I was sitting on the wrong place of the stadium.

Fun days.

Let’s hope an easy ride for the week ahead.

Have a great Monday!