A Very Merry Christmas 

And Happy Holidays for everyone out there! 

Don’t have much time to write but I wanted to update the blog and the 365days before going on our first plane ride with Baby L. 

Day 136/365Dec 16, 2015 – just because. 

Day 137/365Dec 17, 2015 – pizza for lunch at work. 

Day 138/365Dec 18, 2015 – assembly. 

Day 139/365Dec 19, 2015 – sweets on a Saturday.

Day 140/365 Dec 20, 2015 – dinner out with a happy baby. 

Day 141/365Dec 21, 2015 – ups, forgot to take a photo?… 


Day 142/365Dec 22, 2015 – dinner at the in-laws. 


Day 143/365Dec 23, 2015 – quick drive to Lisbon and back to the hometown.


Day 144/365
Dec 24, 2015 – we love pictionary! 

Day 145/365Dec 25, 2015 – Merry Christmas! 

Hope you all have a wonderful time these holidays! 

I’ll be around – definitely around Instagram. 

Happy holidays! 

Cold, not cold.

It’s December, right? Even though I don’t like the cold or wear bulky clothes or tons of layers, I really think everything has its place: we should be feeling cold now. It’s 20 degrees Celsius outside. Not normal, and definitely not very Christmas-y. 

I haven’t been feeling the Christmas spirit. It just hasn’t gotten to me just yet. I blame it on this weather. It’s funny how people insist on wearing long coats, fuzzy jumpers and big sweaters…as if that would attract the cold. It doesn’t work! I’ve tried it myself. 

I need proper cold at this time of the year. 

Day 133/365Dec 13th, 2015 – Half a year ago I was having a baby. Time passes way too quickly. 

Day 134/365 Dec 14th, 2015 – Japanese candy is the best. 

Day 135/365Dec 15th, 2015 – breakfasts are now quick but filling. 

I hope this weird weather goes away. 

Have a great day.


Saturday outside. 

As much as I want to just stay at home and sleep, the weather here has been too nice not to get out and enjoy some sun. 

Day 131/365Dec 11th, 2015 – my work companions on my desk. 

We started off with some really delicious blueberry pancakes. We then went out and enjoyed the sun while it lasted, and went to the Museu da Electricidade (Electricity Museum) afterwards.


Day 132/365 Dec. 12th, 2015 – yummy tummy yummy.   
 Baby L really enjoyed it as well! 

Have a great weekend. 

Free at last.

I am finally done with all the marking and grading! I missed a couple of days of photos, I don’t even remember why…too busy, I’m assuming. 

Also the dates on the camera are all jumbled up, so I’m not really sure of the dates of some photos. I’m very happy to say I’m now using the Sony RX1 that was K’s – since he is now using the Sony RX1 R II – and I’m loving every minute of it! 

Right now I just need to get back on track with all this. 


Day 119/365
Nov 29th, 2015 


Day 120/365
Nov 30th, 2015  


Day 121/365
Dec 1st, 2015 


Day 122/365
Dec 2nd, 2015 


Day 123/365
Dec 3rd, 2015 – this was probably meant to be something else. 

Day 124/365Dec 4th, 2015 – no photo! 

Day 125/365Dec 5th, 2015 – beautiful views on a beautiful day out. 

Day 126/365Dec 6th, 2015 – working late.

Day 127/365Dec 7th, 2015 – coffee not coffee.

Day 128/365Dec 8th, 2015 – dinner date at Bonsai. We had the best Japanese meal in more than one year. 

Day 129/365Dec 9th, 2015 – no photo. 

Day 130/365Dec 10th, 2015 – peek-a-boo! 

And tomorrow is Friday! 

It’s getting cold.

It’s funny how you can erase unpleasant things from your mind. Our brain is incredible… But sometimes I forget all about one thing and then I have dreams about it – now, why would you do that, brain? 

Setting that aside, it’s getting cold around here. But still not cold enough for people to light up their fireplaces. That fireplace smell in the air is my cue to start feeling the Christmas’ spirit… But there’s none of if yet. Meh. This year Christmas will be so much more fun though. Baby L now enjoys ripping paper apart, so I can just wrap up a few boxes and see her unwrap it! And I haven’t seen my parents in ages…so it’ll be nice to go back home for a while. 

But before that I still have tests and assignments to mark and grade… Yay (that was sarcasm). 

Day 113/365Nov 23rd 2015 – we have had Apple TV for a very long time now, and I don’t think we could live without it, but now with Netflix, it got even better. 

 Day 114/365Nov 24th, 2015 – best thing I ever bought on Amazon: a gym for baby L. She looooooves it! 
Day 115/365Nov 25th, 2015 – playing with Daddy. 

 Day 116/365Nov 26th, 2015 – breakfast. 

Day 117/365 Nov 27th, 2015 – grabbing Daddy’s finger. 

Friday was also the day I gave out a test *with* the answers attached…! Yup. Luckily one of the kids noticed right at the beginning, or I would have to repeat the damn test. I still laugh every time I think about it. They usually complain my tests are hard (they’re not), but this one, I couldn’t have made it any easier, I’m afraid. To be fair, it was in the afternoon and I hadn’t had time to had lunch, so yeah…which had nothing to do with it. We just get so overwhelmed with so much stuff to do and monitor that sometimes, we make mistakes. This one was a funny one though. 

 And on that note Here’s a video that I came across with on Facebook that pretty much sums up what teachers do everyday. 

Have a great weekend! 

Going back.

 These last couple of days I’ve been going through old photos. It’s amazing what a simple photograph can do to your soul. Of course you can never see the hard days on old photos, but you know they were there, taking you from one snapshot to the next. 

I remember the tears and the disappointments, and the tight chest and the ruined makeup, the loneliness and the despair; but I also remember the smiles and the happy tears, the laughter and the reassurance, the lightheartedness and the optimism, the bliss and the exhilaration. 

Photos are amazing. 

And I don’t want to talk about what’s going on in the world. I probably should. I’m gonna keep on taking photos…

Day 110/365Nov 20th, 2015 – Friday is sushi night. 

Day 111/365 • Nov 21st, 2015 – brunch on Saturday.    
Day 112/365Nov 22nd, 2015 – double rainbow after the rain. 

Have a lovely week.