Really Nice Images — Review

I have always been a fan of VSCO film packs, for either the photos on my iPhone or camera photos with Lightroom. However that may be about to change.

I present to you Real Nice Images Film Presets. These guys have been around the block since 2012 and promises users the opportunity to enhance digital photos with Instagram-like simulations.

“What makes us getting back to distinctive analog colours and grain again and again? We believe the reason is character. It is something in human nature to strive for perfection but to love for character.” ~ RNI

I couldn’t agree more with this quote. We just keep going back.

About a week ago RNI, knowing my love for photography, offered me the entire pack of the new RNI Film V3.0 Presets, and I couldn’t be happier! I played with it for a while and it really surprised me the subtle way they can enhance a photo — so I had to talk about it here.

Having said that, a disclaimer is in order: this review is my own opinion and point of view; I was not paid to do it, and all of the following is unbiased.

RNI Film Presets are divided into five different packs, designed to give you different results: Negative Films, Slide Films, Instant Films, Vintage Films, and Black & White.

Agfa Scala 200 - Edited
RNI Black & White Film — Agfa Scala 200

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