week off.

I’ve been wanting to write forever but I couldn’t find the time. Now I got at least 3 different things I want to go over ^_^

I got a week off! So I’m now at keoshi’s place, in the city where he goes to college. During this week there’s a huge amount of partying going on, to celebrate…I don’t really know what they celebrate, honestly. For years I’ve been going to my own college’s party week and I never figured out what exactly there is to do besides getting drunk and listening to music.

So, the first day I got here there was this huge party going on at his place and then we went to the club, and of course I had to go with my latest high heels boots. Around 5 am I couldn’t really feel my feet anymore. There was too much a LOT of dancing and lots of beer falling all over me which was…refreshing, but my feet gave up on me and for the next 2 hours it hurt like sh*t! but oh well. It was very much worth it.

Yesterday keoshi and me went to this little village and we had an awesome time. Then we watched Dead Leaves (while doing a crazy load of stuff at the same time) and went to bed at 6 am, I think.

Today I got up at 3 pm and I just had something to eat at 8 pm – we’re now watching FLCL on youtube.

Shortly, it’s been an awesome week so far.