hash browns.

Even though I don’t really remember how I felt when I started walking. But I’m sure I fell a shit load of times on my face.

Right now I’m not falling on my face but maybe it would feel better if I did.

Everything I do, everything I see, everything I say reminds me of her. I can now remember stuff I didn’t know I could… Very tiny details: the smell, the clothes, the touch, the warmth, the laughs… it’s all very much vivid in my mind. We should really remember all this before death comes along really… So that’s what I’m trying to do now.

But it’s hard because my mind keeps drifting away to the happy days I had with her.

I really miss her. And it hasn’t even been a week.

I should really start studying for my upcoming exams if want I want to get a decent grade. *sigh*

keoshi’s been so amazing to me lately. Thank You.

Yesterday he made hash browns and I got inspired to take photos. it felt so awesome!

awesome day.

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