I’m back from the small vacation. 

We were at the beach for a couple of days and pranced around the northern part of the country for another couple of days. It was relaxing, unforgettable and perfect. 

We are now back to the hometown patiently waiting (or perhaps not) for our departure for Berlin which will happen by the end of the upcoming week. 

Here is just… blazing hot and it doesn’t get any better when the sun goes down – all in all we’re just trying to survive the really hot weather any way we can. 

I’m expecting Berlin to be less hot and a bit more wet than here, which I’m looking for, actuallly. But what I’m really looking for is the weather in Annecy where we will be staying for a few days. I can’t wait to see the mountains and the crystalline water lake where I’m gonna be in all the effin time. 

We are also going to visit Switzerland and I can hardly wait for that. 

There’s something about the mountains and the lakes and the fresh air that makes me feel right at home and I’m almost scared that if I spend too much time there I won’t want to come back. When I set my feet on Annecy for the first time, I specifically remember telling keoshi that I wanted to live there. It makes me feel very much alive and full of energy, but very relaxed at the same time. 

Maybe it’s my family’s roots that make me feel like that.

Having said that… I can’t wait to get there. 

On other news/rant I’m thinking about opening up a new tumblr account exclusively  for photos uploaded from my phone. I do have an account on posterous, but if it’s on tumblr everything will be much more organized and I can also e-mail each tumblr account with different posts, which is perfect. More on that later. 

The days at the beach were so awesome I didn’t want to leave. We ate healthy stayed a whole lot of time at the beach just lazying around and had a lot of fun with keoshi’s kite.

photos ahead – also check my flickr set for more photo-goodness.