day eleven, twelve, thirteen and fifteen.

good gawd! haven’t wrote for days now! 
Been busy with life.

got my hair up in a bun! and it was the first time in weeks I felt like wearing that shirt – and it was warm enough to wear it.

and I made myself a snack. 

mirror shot!

mirror shot! again.

oh noes! mirror shot! yet again.  

Yes, I am aware I took three mirror shots in a row. meh. 

Friday night I went to see *drum roll* TRON! 

Visually the movie is absolutely amazing. The sound track is perfect. 

The story line was a bit…(again) meh. I mean, it’s still amazing the amount of considerable imagination one has to have to come up with that – I don’t think I could! – but I feel I’ve seen it before. So maybe I’m just complaining about the surprise effect I thought I was going to get when watching the movie. 

Also I didn’t feel much connection with the lead actor, I’m not saying he was bad – far be it from me to criticize the guy, I’m no actress – but I just didn’t feel much from him. Something about his facial expressions, or lack of them, that didn’t really get to me. I actually think that part had Hayden Christensen written all over, but what do I know? 
Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde on the other hand were amazing! Always loved them, always will. 

All in all another awesome movie.