breakfast, simply.

I’ve been much too busy with work to be uploading batches of photos these days. Things are just hectic, and I’m afraid it won’t really slow down in the upcoming weeks. 

I have been slowly uploading photos on flickr, so you can definitely check those out, but that’s about it…

Today I’m here to talk about my favorite meal: breakfast. I love breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one I wish I never missed out…but I sometimes do. 

When I do have the time and will to make myself a great breakfast, I’m a very happy girl. Usually though, I just eat a bowl of muesli with natural yogurt – I am not able to eat sweet food in the morning… — a glass of milk with coffee and sometimes, an orange or a kiwi. 

Other times, when I do have time, I whip up a few eggs with cheese and ham or something else, squeeze some oranges and slice a tomato and there’s your breakfast. 

I really do like my morning meal. 

Having said that i decided to share with you one of my favorite food blogs (I’ve got quite a few — I actually have a whole folder on Reeder named “food”, yeah), simply breakfast.

The photos are just top and sometimes you can get the recipes of the meal you’re seeing. 

all photos from simply breafast.

this sure makes me love breakfast even more. 

Don’t forget to visit simply breakfast.