a night out.

It’s Vogue Fashion’s Night Out day night. Unknowingly I ended up right in the middle of all the action ending up buying a pack of bracelets on Blanco, amongst all the VIPs the champagne and the Screwdrivers (I *just* learned that this is what it’s called to the vodka and orange juice cocktail…screwdriver, really?). 

I spent all day back and forth and my feet were killing me and I honestly felt underdressed for the occasion, with my black tank top, my jeans and my flip-flops. I would have liked to get myself all dressed up. I didn’t even bring my camera. At one point I thought of heading home just to get the camera — that was actually needed for the filming we were doing — but instantly dropped the idea as soon as a heavy tripod was dropped on my back. 

Nonetheless I enjoyed the event. Maybe next year I’ll dress up and just shop ’till I drop! (I hardly think so) For now I’m enjoying my bracelets and resting my feet. 

It was a good day.