Between classes and applying to new schools and homework, I’ve been having my hands full. 

I get home late because classes end late already and it takes me some more time to get home, so I arrive tired and feeling like I wanna go to bed… but instead we have to make dinner and work some more.

Luckily I’ve got keoshi in my life and we love to do all that together. So here’s our dinner from yesterday. 



Classes are getting very interesting and exactly what I had pictured in my mind. It’s funny because I now have a different perspective on how the classes go. Before I was a teacher I was only a student and I just felt like one — I’d absorb what the teacher would say and learn from him the subjects he was teaching.

Now I am both teacher and student and I’m not only learning what they teach me but also their teaching techniques. I’m loving it.

Gotta finish my homework now!


PS: I can’t seem to able to upload photos to flickr right now. Bah.