are my ears still there?

Here we are in Amsterdam! The first thing we notice is the cold. When we say it’s cold back at home…it’s nothing. That’s a breeze, people. This. Is. Cold. I kept making sure my ears were still in one piece… and keoshi actually gave in to buying gloves and wearing a beanie. So, it’s freaking cold here. Oh and it’s snowing! Yeah.
Aaaaand I’m loving it! It’s amazing here! Our little studio is the cutest thing and even though we can’t see a canal in front of our window as I thought we would, we got the canal right downstairs. We also have bikes! And I learned today it’s really hard to ride a bike when little ice pieces are going in your eyes… And I love it! Everything is amazingly cool here.
We went to Anne Frank Museum. It’s overwhelming. Everything about the second world war gets to me in a way I don’t really understand… It just does. And the house makes it that much real… One really has to see it.

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