happy late bday!

At the moment it’s 2.32 am. I’m dead tired. Yesterday, on the 28th, was my 27th birthday. These days are only as special as the people around you, and yourself, make it special. And I have a tremendous bunch of people around me, whom I love terribly and I have to thanks all of them for making my day a very special one.
And I’m also counting people who congratulated me on twitter, facebook, path and even instagram.

Thank you all of you. I love you all.

I’m making use of the scheduling feature on wordpress and posting this by 10.30am ish… by that time, I’ll be on a plane to Amsterdam, and hopefully sleeping. So expect a little less news from me this week… but I’ll surely post iphone photos. If I don’t  freeze meanwhile.
Have a nice week everybody!

necklace on my bed.

my painted lab coat pocket… featuring me! drawn by me! in a lab class.

candy, for my birthday.