heat of the sun.

I specially like the spots of light from the sun that occur in the morning, through the blinds. It reminds me of summer mornings, when I was a kid. I would wake up because the heat of the sun. The spots had travelled all the way across my room to my bed. I had to get up anyway, because every morning I would have swimming classes, so I would invariably wake up at 9.30 am, have breakfast, watch Dragon Ball Z on tv, schedule my vcr to record some other series that was going to go on and off I went to my friend’s place, so we could go to swimming classes. I would be back home at 1pm (yes, I spent all morning at the poll… I had a really awesome tan by then), have lunch and sit on my living room floor, sketchpad at the ready, watching whatever the vcr taped while I was gone and draw.
I remember these days very distinctly and I don’t really know why. It wasn’t in any way a special time, it was just normal… whether it was because I did it for so many days and years in a row (only on summer holidays), or because I had a tremendous amount of fun, or because I really had no worries at all… I don’t know what it was. But every time I see spots of light from the sun, specially in the morning, I can’t help but remember it all and it always puts a smile on my face.