oh woah.

five days! Woah! I’ve been gone for five days! Unbelievable… yeah, it’s been a rough week. And it’s not over, because this is bound to be a rough month all around.

But there’s still time to make dinner, and there’s nothing better than pasta.

I’ve been very active on instagram, lately, so please, add me if you’d like, because you’ll probably see me more often there…

Have a nice friday!

new 8 faces mag!

tomato, peppers, onions and garlic with white wine and olive oil.

mix well take it out and blend it.

pasta in the pan

sauce with the pasta.

cheese and chives with the sauce.

pasta ready for the yummyness

and some dessert/fruit, orange with honey and olive oil

I bumped my leg on the damn bed. I honestly thought it was a lot worse than that… but I’m sure it’ll turn into a different color by tomorrow. lovely…