Welcome to 2012.

Happy New Year, mah people!

When the weekend stroke me like lighting I stopped writing my essay and I just… had a tremendous amount of fun. We started out the year with champagne and new clothes and headed of to the streets of Lisbon to only come back home way past 8 am. So I basically slept through January first. And I honestly couldn’t be less bothered with that! It was completely worth it.
Buuuut…. as I lost two entire days, now my essay, which is due on the 3rd is now 56% done. Which is not bad, but I would like it to be better… but oh well. No biggie.

I’ve been completely addicted to instagram. It’s the new flickr for me. I love it, and I love finding new people with great photos from all over the world! I’m thinking of getting a totally new tumblr account for sharing all my instagram photos…

Other than that… well, I hope you all have a great 2012, with all the best.

watching matrix, the best movies of all times!

completely addicted to instagram, these days.

first dinner of 2012