mini sudden getaway.

Back in July, on a lazy friday, there I was, finishing lunch and waiting for keoshi…when he gets home for lunch he says to me: “wanna go to Sevilla for the weekend?”

At 4 pm we were getting ourselves in the car and getting ready for a 4 hour drive to sevilla. We got there late at night, had a few drinks at the pool side bar and marveled at the most awesome hotel we had ever been in. It was huge and awesome. And the pool was even better! So we spent our time in the pool during the day and walked around the city by night. Hence why there aren’t many pictures… but I do hold quite a few nice memories. I also filmed us in the pool with the goPro, but I have no idea where those videos are right now… so maybe once I find them I’ll show them off.

Have a nice monday!

a cat inside the hotel walls. it was incredibly hot in Sevilla.

 inside the hotel.

shining up.

right at the entrance of the city. 

our hotel bedroom.

like I said… huge.

the pool, that was actually that big and wasn’t at all crowded, like one might infer, mainly due to the fact that most people were tanning and not going in the pool. 

dinner at a tapas restaurant.

if there’s one thing I don’t like about spain is their bread… Everything else is great! But that bread… but I must say I’m picky in what concerns bread, and I don’t eat that many (which is an abomination in my hometown), but spanish bread just doesn’t go with my taste… 

gazpacho. very nice.

simple tomato and greens salad with mozzarella and fava beans with bacon and eggs.

fried fish and croquettes.