full day.

Yesterday I got woken up at 8 am because the mother of my goddaughter went to the hospital to give birth…Everyone was very excited but nothing happened until very late at night when she was given the epidural…

Edit: after going through the pain the whole night, the baby girl is finally out. Her father is the closest thing I have to a big brother, so I’m a very proud aunt!

So I spent the day working on a few essays, finished one, started another… Sometimes I miss equations and numbers and formulas and bosons and fermions. It sometimes feels as though that was a bigger challenge for me. It’s not like this education and evaluation thing and all that isn’t hard or interesting, in fact I love the essays and all that I’m learning right now…and it does challenge me as well, but on a different level. I’m learning how to read things differently and look at things that are important for my job on a total different perspective and that’s great and exactly what I wanted. But……I can’t help but miss chemical equilibriums and quantum leaps. Oh well…

After I was a little more than half done with the second essay, in the afternoon I decided it was time to get back to workouts. Ever since I moved I have been procrastinating workout sessions… Ugh. I hate that. So I turned to my treadmill and ran 3 miles (4.8 km) and I worked out for a half an hour more after that, so I’d get both cardio and toning done – I’m sure it’ll hurt in a few hours.

After that I ate some escargots with my parents and watched Portugal play against Germany for the euro 2012. Portugal lost. By half time I went to keoshi’s place to watch the second half and to spend some time… They had cherries……..!!! I could eat a whole ton of cherries, I’m certain of it. To end the night we watched the first episode of hell’s kitchen season 10. Meh… It started to get boring after season 8. But it’s still an enjoyable show!

Today I need to get some more work done.

Have a nice Sunday!