Until we meet again.

I cannot believe that just a few days ago I was still in Berlin.

That city has some kind of weird power over me.

These are the last of the photos from Berlin taken with the iPhone. I will have to upload all the camera photos and edit them, but I now have a new MacBook Pro and it’s taking a while to transfer everything i want/need from the old Mac while I still have so much to do.

So on our last day we went to see the Reichstag, but not before we had a walk around a street market in the museum island and bought a few souvenirs. One always finds the most interesting stuff in these markets and we also found some interesting a nice people. We had lunch at Fritz 101, ate a really delicious sausage and a schnitzel and very nice beers.

After passing by the Reichstag we headed to the tiegarten and climbed the Siegessäule. The view from up there is absolutely fantastic, but it is very tight and crowded.

We then walked a little more around the tiergarten taking in as much as we could until we reached home. For dinner we had a total mish-mash of gastronomy, like I said on the last post. The original curry wurst that was on our street, burritos from Dolores and a kebab. And everything was so freaking delicious.

I just wanna go back and live there.