amsterdam six months later.

I’ve been sick in bed for the past 2 days now and I haven’t had the will to do much of anything, but since I started this before I got sick, why not finish it?

Here are my favourite pics from the little getaway to Amsterdam six months ago. There are more on my flickr page if you wanna take a peek.


at our borrowed apartment.

eating packed food — extremely delicious.
beer outside.
why not?
improving the city.
Haring — fishy but good.
I’m a sucker for goat cheese and pear.
amsterdam is full of greenery.
riding through amsterdam and posing for pics.
beer and fried food? Yes, please.
the sun sets really slow in summer.
alas me! not behind the camera!
the two boys talking.
one of my personal favourites.
orange ftw.
the making of okonomiyaki.
sea food okonomiyaki for me — my mouth is watering just looking at this.
Very slow sunset.