Day 28/365

Bath time was pretty late tonight, in order to relax and calm her down, which means a calm feeding time and sleep right after.

We bought a foldable bathtub from Stokke because it’s pretty small when folded, which means less space, and she’s at a point where we can clearly see she’s going to outgrow the tub pretty soon… But there’s no way we’re buying another one…! 

Our place is completely stuffed with baby things at the moment… And even though we are in the process of getting a new place, which we need, I don’t really want to move out… A lot happened in this house and we decorated it from scratch. It was completely (and when I say completely, I mean it) empty when we moved in, so we had to buy every piece of furniture. By doing that, we built our own little place. And it really saddens me to think Baby L will not remember this place as her first home. 

But there’s still a lot of time left to think about that…so just enjoy this adorable face!

Day 28/365 – bath time! 

Tomorrow’s Saturday which means we’ll have Daddy for ourselves! Yay! 

Enjoy your weekend!