RNI Flashback.

I’m a big fan of RNI products, and this new app is their latest development.

These days, people often try to go back in time with their photographs, despite the many technological advances, using apps, filters and whatnot to make their phone/camera’s photos look like they were taken with an old camera.

RNI Flashback does just that for you, in the most simple way. The one thing that bugs me in most apps is that you have so many filters to choose from and so many little tweaks you can use, that I end up either using it too much or not at all.

Flashback is a photography app that takes your photo 100 years back (or something like that) with just a simple tap.

With a tap on the roll of film, you give your photo a new profound look that emulates old film in a near perfect way. You don’t have to know the name of the filter, if it’s from the 40’s or the 60’s, you just need to keep tapping until you find the one you like.

With a tap on the little heart, you can mark your favorite films for that photo and go back to them.

And you can also make it look less filmish by editing the strength of the look, grain, contrast, brightness, dust and scratches, shadows and highlights.

You can then share your photo to the main social apps directly, or save it to your camera roll.

This app couldn’t be any simpler, and its results are simply astounding. I haven’t yet gone through editing a photo and find two looks that are the same, as there are infinite possibilities.

The look of the app is, for me, one of its major advantages: it’s simple, yet beautiful and performs spectacularly well.

If I wanted to point out something to improve, I’d love to have a way to save those looks that are really some of my favorites to apply in other photos, but that would defeat the purpose of the app: to create something unique.

All in all, this app is definitely a must if you want that special tone to your “flat” digital photos. The price is definitely fair for what these guys have done here.

Here are a few NYC photos edited with RNI Flashback.