NYC, I miss you.

I realised yesterday’s post was the first of 2017. Woah. And it’s nearly March already. How did that happen? (I keep repeating this…)

It’s never too late to say it: Happy New Year! Have a good one!

My year? Well, I don’t have to keep saying it, do I? busy, busy, busy… I guess that if I want to keep this up I have to try to find some kind of balance…However I can’t really seem to find a good solution that doesn’t involve me sleeping less than the 5h30 per night I get… This school year has gotten me completely haywire. We’re half way through, and I can only think that after this week-long break I’ve got less than a month and a half of school work to do for the easter break — but I’ve got SO much work to do on those 37 days that it gives me the shivers. Ugh.

Anyway… Let’s not think about that and let’s enjoy some NYC goodness, from our third day in this city.

Thank you for stopping by.

NYC from the lens.

I’ve been around here for a while now, and it’s amazing the amount of people who come and go from this world. Then there are the ones who stay and we still keep contact, and the ones who go and never come back, and the ones who go and come back after a while. That’s the case with this girl. I’ve been in love with her photos for such a loooooong time, and her blog was one of the first I really started following.

I’ve been following her for so so so long that I don’t even know for how long, but she’s amazing. She’s the kind of girl who, despite all struggles, always has a smile on her face. If that alone wasn’t enough, she takes awesome photos. I’ve been in love with her photos for such a long time now. I love her candid style and how she manages to capture so many emotions in every pic. She’s one of the young photographers/bloggers out there who really inspires me. She inspires me to smile everyday and to live life to the fullest, while taking photos. She’s amazing. She has moved to Copenhagen with her husband and pug, and her new blog is precisely about that. CPHbound is her new place. I found out she moved to Copenhagen not long ago, and got a little sad, because we were booked for a trip to Copenhagen this summer, but opted for New York instead. Oh well… One day.

Make sure you take a look at her blog, even if you have to use the translation feature.

Also here are some pics from NYC.

DSC08288 DSC08289 DSC08290 DSC08293 DSC08296 DSC08298 DSC08300 DSC08302 DSC08303 DSC08304 DSC08306 DSC08310 DSC08311 DSC08312

Have a great day!