My dear Sevilla.

I am now fully back to work. There are 35 days to go for the next break — yes, I’m counting.

But let’s continue to reminisce about Seville.


Such great days….!

Have a great week.

  • Soooo good. <3

    Now I don't feel like posting mine. xP

    • akanekinomoto


  • Love your candid photos! How’s the RX1 suiting you? i’ve been eyeing it since it seems to combine superb quality with a lightweight camera. Having a baby around doesn’t make it easier to carry around all that heavy photo gear…

    • akanekinomoto

      The RX1 is superb. I would not go back to anything else. The quality is sublime and it’s incredibly light. Can fit in any small bag. I definitely reccomend it! 🙂 and thank you!