shopping spri…ng.

I’m officially on spring break! yay!

So I did say I was off to buy a few things…! I bought the really cute slim fit (very) blue jeans which I adore – they look great and were cheaper than usual;

a t-shirt with a very kawaii maneki neko, the lucky japanese cat, that is often seeing waving it’s paw at the entrance of restaurants or stores as a welcome.

There were lots of Paris references in t-shirts and I was tempted to get one, but I thought ‘hey, why not get a t-shirt IN Paris?’ so yeah.

I also got a very cute necklace, a simple chain with 4 very tiny engagement rings… I thought it was funny. xD

I also bought a new top, but I haven’t taken photos of it yet… ^_^

Everything was bought on Pull & Bear.

I had some other things I wanted to write about but I forgot…and it’s soooo late I need to sleep. I have so much stuff to do tomorrow. bah…