lookbook newbie.

My first look shot was taken by keoshi in Lisbon.

This was an overwhelming week. First cancer, then a stroke, then I had to go to Lisbon for a contest with my students… the great thing about this was that me and keoshi got to spend a nice weekend together, eating loads of sushi and watching Iron Man 2.

I think I fell in love with the sexiness of Scarlett Johansson in this movie – her character was kind of weird and honestly I don’t really get the story behind her character and Samuel L. Jackson’s character, but whatever – seeing her move around beating the sh*t out of the bad guys in a very trendy outfit was awesome and I love her.

The movie was okay, but I definitely prefer the first one.

Other than that, school will be over soon for me… and I didn’t want to come back home since it’s like coming back to the harsh painful reality.
Everything seems so much better when I’m laying around with keoshi doing nothing…

And now I think I’m getting sick – stuffed nose – just lovely.

highlight of the day: keoshi gave me a flower. Love. Him.