tasting the sun.

I got a lookbook account!

I’ve been wanting one for ages now, but I never really asked for an invite to someone else – because I always thought was weird. But yesterday, I e-mailed Caitlin, who also has a lookbook account, and asked for an invite! alas! I got it!

I love her looks and I specially like this one:


Love the lace body. ^_^

So, anyway, I didn’t find my black leggings anyfreackingwhere and I wanted to wear those for my first look so I’ll just post it tomorrow.

On other news, me and my students are building a solar oven (or solar cooker). This is a project that we’re doing for a contest and we’re almost done with it. The kids have been really excited about it, building the thing, and showing up to help us with the hardest parts of it – which is really gratifying.
On these “reunions” we have to build the oven I tend to forget I’m more friend than teacher and it’s funny and interesting to see them behave as crazy as they normally do when they’re not in class.
Recently they found out I’m (most probably) leaving the country, so I won’t be their teacher next year and they asked me not to go – which was touching and… quite hilarious. xD
I’m gonna miss these kids.

Ours looks nothing like this but I’m not allowed to post photos around here before the contest on friday.

I’m really excited about it just as much as the kids are, because the thing is looking quite good and very professional! I’m psyched to see if it does cook something! xD

Also on other news, keoshi and me are starting to see London real close now! =)