annecy 2.0

I’m so very proud to say that the second day we spent in this lovely city we didn’t do sh▲t all morning. xD

We spent the entire freaking morning in bed just lazying around in the hotel, watching french channels. 

After we decided that the day was too pretty to waste we got up and on our bathing gears and we were off. The day was very pretty indeed, so we decided to buy delicious pita bread sandwiches and delicious orange juice and went to the garden to eat by the lake shore. While we were eating we kept staring at these pedal boats……and we *had* to get one. So we did! 

We strolled around the lake, swam on those beautiful crystalline waters and it was wonderful. 

We were back to the hotel, ate again, and went back to the lake and got ourselves a motor boat. two words: freakin’ awesome. xD 

We would stop and swim and back to the boat, and back to the water and back to the boat and on and on and on…

On my last dive I was midair when I remembered I had my sunglasses on and the only thing I kept thinking before I hit the water was that I would not leave that lake until I found my sunglasses – in case I lost them, of course. xD but everything went well. 

When we were tired we got back to the hotel, have shower and we were back to the streets again to have dinner.