gone for almost 10 days! iFail. 

This has been a tough and busy (almost)10 days. And I can’t even make it up that well today, because I’m in need of a nice good night of sleep… But I’ll do everything possible to make it up tomorrow!

It has been harder than usually to take photos and update, because someone has my camera at his place – for a good cause!

Here’s photogoodness ftw. 

day208 · 16 oct’10

and a small photoshoot for fun. 

My favorite of the bunch. 

day209 · 17 oct’10

went to watch a football game – we won! 

day210 · 18 oct’10

night in, pizza for dinner, delicious. 

day211 · 19 oct’10 

lazin’ around. 

day212 · 20 oct’10 

purple day, spirit day. I was sick as a dog that day… barely could move out of the bed. but I managed to get to my closet, put on something purple and take a photo with my mobile…

I was incredible proud of tumblr for dressing up as well. 

day213 · 21 oct’10

and done for tonight – got get to bed. 

oh I’ve been watching glee and it got to me, I’m addicted. and I love sue! xD