Alas a new 365days photo. 

I got up laaaaaate ugh. I hate it…I like it, but I hate it. I get up feeling tired and shitty and it doesn’t go away… 

I did manage to get a few things done and to walk my dog while keoshi rode his bike, for a bit and I worked out when I got home for quite a few hours – which always makes me feel better – and then I watched the game (we won, yay!) and had dinner at keoshi’s.


And that’s where I took today’s photo AND a photo of all the junk in my bag…it was a mess and I needed to tidy it up so I thought why not take a picture first? 

there’s this group on flickr that is all about that and there are some very cute photos around!

now off to watch some series and then a nice night of sleep.