a coat.

When the cold weather comes by I always end up buying new clothes, no matter how many I bought last year, no matter how warm they were. So I buy the usual cute and warm sweaters, new shirts, maybe new pants, and new boots. I never buy coats. I don’t like to wear a lot of clothes, so I usually go for the light layer thing, top it off with a sweater and off I go – I don’t think much about coats, I’ve got jackets, loads, and usually opt for the black leather jacket… But this year I decided I need a nice new coat. I prefer coats that go above my knees and dark colors, and I very much like the military styles…

So here are my choices. 


grey coat, football buttons – topshop ultimate pea coat £60.00

grey coat wool – asos €149.16

black coat wool – asos €174.04

black teddy boy coat – asos €186.60

military styly black – asos €342

conclusion: I definitely prefer the wool ones because they’re always warmer and I can wear less clothes underneath, and I specially love the last one from asos (why is my taste so pricey?!), except maybe the golden buttons.