I want to upload my photos from holland but I also wanted to do something special for this post because it’s my 100th! yay! 

So last saturday keoshi made me dinner! and you must have guessed what it was by now…risotto! Risotto is a top favorite for me and I enjoyed taking photos and helping out while Love made his way through the rice. 

cut onion.

cheese grater.


oil and onion in the pan.

mushrooms cut.

rice in the pan.

add fresh thyme and rosemary to the rice.

add stocking until the rice is ready.

add mushrooms, spinach and dried tomato to the rice once ready.

add butter and the grated cheese to the pan. 

and eat while it’s still hot and delicious! 

check the recipe here.

We listened to old songs from our youth (in portuguese, sorry), we danced, we ate, we watched idols and the biggest loser and drifted to sleep under the covers…