day one.

The first day of the new year started off with a lot of jumping up and down, lots of hugs, lots of kisses and a whole lot of ducking. 

let me explain: I spent these last couple of days in Sevilla and those guys like their firework…so they were firing up everywhere. Most of the times, when we were on the street we were ducking at the sounds of the powder explosions… it was fun! 

Spent the evening walking around the busy streets of Sevilla, drinking and talking…until we settled for a cute bar called Long Island that was full of flags of USA colleges and football teams…very cute. I had an awesome time. 

I’m back home and since I got to the hotel pretty late and had to get up pretty early to leave (and mostly because I’ve doing that for the past 3 days) I’m dead tired…I’ve been sleeping an average of 4 hours per night and that’s not nearly enough for me.

After getting home I had dinner with my family and some friends at their place so I got home just an hour ago so yes. I’m dead. 

but! I did start a new 365days project! and I just uploaded the new photo on flickr so yay! me ftw! ahahaha


Enjoy the new year!